Parts of a Broken Mirror

Monday, October 3, 2011

Should We Start Wearing Spandex ? Part 1

In the nearly unbreathable smog of our current socio-political avalanche, some of us have crowded the side of the main road to OZ holding " hope " or " peace " signs; with the intent of knocking down one of the gears of the snarling beast machine. Signs gripped tightly out of minimal wage angst and the appropriate artistic arsenal for that demographic; cardboard and permanent black markers, the sharpies of our eroding society scribble the voice of that collective feeling in all our guts. " Until you wake up, we will fight for you " and " I served eight years in the United States Marine Core to protect PEOPLE'S rights not Banks "The green emerald city glow of money bouncing off the glasses of champagne being spilled " accidently" on these warriors heads from above. The rest of us sit feeling, if anything, hopeless- like we can't effect the gears of this monster ourselves.

But is it, by some part, our gullible nature... and other part corporate trickery, that we may have been fooled into thinking someone else was god, someone else would die for us, someone else was greedy and wanted to dominate ( in the sexual sense, in the financial sense, in the geographical sense- whatever you need to stop for a second and say wait that's me, that's human. I have to accept this rape and hate as part of myself, enough to understand that motivation and then banish it to the void. ) everything in the world. Can we do nothing to stop this? Are we so unconnected with our shadow that we see it as someone else to raise a sign, or worse, a fist at?

Ideas in magick have always mirrored certain great hero myths, in that, the hero often produces a new world view where by the Princess, village, animals, and earth are all saved by his deeds. This wonderful idea that the machine is not fixed, it may not even be conscious, and it can be altered at will, like the postmodern lego set architecture of Dark City twisting and contorting to its master's wishes, should be embraced by us. Back engineered by us even. Allowing our knowledge of altering reality by will alone, to be the only tool ( a word we will replace weapon with ) needed to create a better world.

Is this not what Moore tries to get us to touch, as if to relearn feeling for the first time, as he writes Swamp Thing laying into the fabric and Gaia and feeling the all-ness, the oneness that our mother Promethea reads us to sleep? Is this not what Kaku smiles at, as someone begs the possibility of intelligent life in the universe ? Is this not what Ray Bradbury day dreamed as the Epcot Ball was being erected, as the pyramids once were? Is this creative " god like " power not in our hands? Do we not all draw all energy from a Secret Sun? : )

How do we become gods over night ? Instead of point you to a hundred something books that I've read about ritual magick and the power of symbol, I would like to give you what I wish someone would have given me years ago, walking out of the theatre, my life suddenly arranged before my eyes after seeing Dark City. Beliefs are Dangerous unless you engineer them to be Constructive... The more you understand about magick and programming the mind, the better you may be at it, but the best magickal acts were probably done in a more minimal archaic environment. What Terrence Mckenna skirts no terminology in calling the Archaic Revival. In ancient times the energy flowing from, lets say, the crops, to the Sun god, to you was a closed circuit. A lot less to focus on...

Since we are bombarded by nothing information all day, that becomes our whole circuit. No Sun god, no you. When we get a stomach ache we think " fuck that place, their food is always terrible " " fuck I'm late for work, and I forgot to set the Tivo, and my stomach hates me!!! " what if we tried instead " Stomach feel better " and just breathed for two minutes...? This is an over simplification of magickal ideas, but I see many examples like this. For instance you could stay up days trying to do some by-the-book ritual from the fourteenth century trying to make yourself invisible for an hour, or you could read some Stephen K Hays and do it the ninjitsu way, or you can just think " there is no one over here " and done correctly this eliminates all the rest of the bother... Next I will be working on a way to make comic book characters we all know and love function straight out the funnies as ritual magick invocations...until next time homeys