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Monday, January 30, 2012

Michael Reaves and the Looking Glass

Spider Man Unlimited-

In the first episode, NASA scientist explain there is a counter earth on the other side of the Sun. They use circular stargates to teleport a shuttle to Counter Earth, very similar to the technology proposed in Michio Kaku's stargate talks in 2011. Before the first episode is allowed to end, we meet the black oily versions of both Venom and Carnage, as well as the characters of Counter Earth and their religious devotion to the High Evolutionary. Spider Man also gets really psyched over his nano armor, adding to the transhumanism porn feel of many of the cartoons of the 90s. The episode concludes with Spidey about to be sawed open by a bunch of genetic experiments that refer to themselves as Beastials and make it sound cool like bestiality and furries in one warrior class.

The high evolutionary explains in episode two that he was looking for a Utopia, so he built a society out of his genetic experiments. He considers his technology and creations the ultimate achievement. Spidey is saved by some rebels. The high evolutionary is referred to as the Wizard of Oz.

"I thought I came through a space warp to get here... feels more like a looking glass "
Well that's a pretty direct reference to Project Looking Glass and Timeline 2.

Carnage and Venom become obsessed with the synaptic, which in Kirby's world would be the Eternals Uni Mind or perhaps what the borg would defeat us internet...

" Your probably the only untagged human in the city,...Every human is tagged with a subdural chip. " What a strange RFID tangent. I don't remember Spidey in the funny books having such a Star Trek sense.

Recently I have put some theories on the Secret Sun together.
Spidey=World Wide Web=Web is a trap, not a network of opportunities.
Gray aliens are only technologically advanced, big beaming eyes like Spidey
Internet=Web= Trap=Spawned by techno archons ( Borg, Dalek, etc... )

Todd Mcfarlane=Black Oil ( Venom Suit, creeps aboard space shuttle )
Deal with the Devil=Spawn
Black Oil=The Psychology of an Alien New World Order, 9/11 = Spidey resonator

Be Wise as Cartoon Writers... ( Cobra La La La )

"I warped your childhood beyond all recognition." -DAVID WISE

The Beginning
When David Wise was sixteen and growing up in Oslo Norway, he contributed to the Star Trek series by co-authoring an episode that would reaffirm my interest in cartoons as psychedelic experiences, and conveyors of ultimate mystic philosophy just shy of Mystery School experience ( as we have seen in comics with Jack Kirby and live action television with Star Trek )
This episode of course is " How Sharp a Serpent's Tooth "

" Be Wise as Serpents "

A flying serpent convinces the crew he was the incarnation of all ancient worldly serpent deities and that he instructed man in building the pyramids and other sacred sites.

"It is also important to note that, as ( Robert ) Temple points out, the ancient Egyptian word and hieroglyph for goddess also means serpent, and their hieroglyph for Sirius also means tooth. Thus the stories of the "serpent's tooth" can be read as the " Goddess Sirius." The egyptian word for tooth also means dog and, more specifically, dog-god and one hundred." - Icke

" Following the signal of a mysterious probe, the Enterprise is immobilized by an alien whose ship resembles a winged serpent, and who claims to be Kukulkan the ancient god of the Mayan-Aztec people on Earth. Kukulkan transports Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Walking Bear to his ship, where they find an ancient city, and are told they must solve the puzzle of the city or the Enterprise will be destroyed."-Star Trek Animated.Com

Note: It is also interesting to note that William Shatner wrote a TV film called Fire Serpent

Ninja Turtles:

It seems Wise was the reason for launching the Ninja Turtles cartoon, of course adapted from Eastman and Laird's comics. After writing seasons of alien contact spiced with Animator Peter Chung's distinctive style, Wise suddenly had a problem when asked by NBC to write in the Alien False Flag War in Season 9. Oddly enough long after Wise would leave the Turtles they would build a stargate to contact Jack Kirby...

Season 9: written by Fred Wolf, who also did the chipmunks and Bond jr. Oddly enough the main alien villain is named Dregg, the actor who plays his voice ( Tony Jay ) is also Dregit, the lead alien in a Spielberg cartoon series Invasion America.

"This is not a question in there but I'm gonna mention this anyway , cause I have you fans here...
I did not come up with Carter,Carter was CBS' idea,Dregg was created by somebody else and ( trails off ) that's a whole nother story. I was just TOLD TO DO IT! "
- David Wise Interview at VIMEO

In Season 9 alone...

Gold is stolen form the Federal Reserve by aliens with Monotomic intent, who wish to establish a base on Earth and pirate our resources. While the turtles gasp at the aliens jacking the gold they fly a plane right past the WTC towers in the same shot. Mystery Ninja- Carter is interested in Hamato Yoshi- the sensei of the foot clan. Sith, black magick kind of ideas are mentioned here. The aliens need the gold to repair their shields, the aliens hijack transhumanist minority report robots to kill humans.The voice of " high tech " is the same as Pinky, as he helps another Brain ( Dregg ) destroy the world.

Dregg descends from a massive UFO, with the Hollywood SET and Tact of a politician to tell people that his own planet was destroyed by greed and war, and our world is on the same path. To help earth he presents the molecular convertor, and the Turtles are suspicious of the public buying in to the plot. Dregg builds a "Citadel of Science for the good of mankind" a huge skyscraper in the middle of the city. " the good old sewers , they'll get you anywhere. Dregg induces very tight security on his new complex. Carter sells out the turtles, and Dregg gives them a Magneto speech while they are abduction style strapped down, about how they are mutant freaks and they should help him conquer the weak. Carter winds up being a furry yellow mutant warrior ( I don't write this stuff ) and the turtles wind up gaining back their friendship with Carter, and blowing the tower. Then splinter gives a mutation speech.
" Master Splinter, Carter,... how long have you been watching kid's cartoons ? "

Starts with underground establishments playing TV shows of Dregg being a hero and savior of Earth as the turtles fight his mining cronies. Carter and Don build a holographic reality creator. Aliens tell world leaders they will fix a dormant space station and the turtles mutate into fat tuna sandwiches...There's a character named Medusa, but she's kind of so annoying that there is no reason to actually inform you of her existence. Carter uses the holographic reality projector successfully to produce a princess leia version of himself as the turtles come to terms with their mutation experience. Carter gets a " stay in the moment " speech from Splinter. Dregg uses the space station he was claiming to fix, to eliminate earth's defenses. Galactic forced labor mines, is something Medusa refers to, " well dudes I guess we are gonna be space miners for the rest of our lives. " " this isn't a phone booth, it's a teleporter ! " Doctor Who reference.

Turtles referred to throughout this miniseries as Deviants, In Jack Kirby's world these are the underground or reptilian race in the Eternals. SkySat is the space station Dregg uses to knock out all Earth communications, and then announces it is a false flag operation. He takes control of all weapons systems on earth. The turtles fly up on a " starship " and bust up the Blue Beam device, I mean SkySat. The "X-fire needs to go to KillDear Mt" says an MP that works for a major corporation. False flag war perpetuated and Ninja Turtles become like X-Men, hated for who they are and their opposition to the V plot. Dregg propaganda takes over the city. " We need to reveal Dregg's plot to the world, not build weapons " The turtles stumble upon a metalurgy incubator, whatever that actually is... The term TeknoGangters is used repeatedly by the Turtles in reference to the Transmutanist...whatever that is...

Dregg establishes another " citadel " at Killdear mountain complete with Annunaki style gargoyles and sacred geometric construction like an old cathedral " Who's this guy's architect Dracula?" The incubator births an angry slug and Carter has to ride it like a bull...

Chronos ( Saturn ) has stopped all the time devices and is firing "Arrows of Time" at the Turtles. He has numbers all over his body. He claims to know the turtles, " King of the Clocktower, I know everything about you ". Exactly like the character in Batman,and that's why its the same writer as the Clock King episode below, except this season was a reaction to the writing of Power Rangers according to the Turtles wiki... ( above link )

Later Series:

False flag alien invasion, identical to season 9 turtles, the bad guys don't even warn the army on the ground. Turtles figure it out right away just like season 9 " fake aliens, fake ships" The turtles realize the false flag war was only about money, and establishing a messiah image for the Earth Defense Force...

Tarzan and the Space God

Episode of the Tarzan cartoon identical to the Star Trek episode discussed above.
Defenders of the Earth
Themes of winged serpents hiding in Tibetan monastaries, and Ming begins to becomes Mandarin


Dark City guys...Daemonites...and the Kerubim
"The Cherubim were originally the ancient protectors of the Mesopotamian Tree of ...Life. They were often depicted supporting the thrones of deities and kings.They are closely related to (and often identical to) the sphinx."-

* ‎" 2000 years ago alien ship landed on earth" Kerubim vs Daemonites, the word " assimilate " literally used, and VOID's ancient origin..
* " you are a genetic hybrid "
* PINK PKD Valsi Light transmutes Warblade into his goofy self
* " Ive had enough science fiction for one day! "
* VOID=MONOLITH=AIN SOPHIA at once somehow...
* ‎" We are your masters...we need host bodies...Its a marker lets the Daemonites have an entry point to your body..."
* Zealot and Grifter are like the Bounty Hunters in X-files kind of
frozen and stored human usual...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beam Me Up...PLEASE!

It's showtime in six hours. New Orleans Comic Con is rolling. We are right across from Greg Horn and right in front of James O Barr. Holla! I can never thank the Secret Sun family enough for all their support. In six hours I complete my life's dream. Not to get to space or own twenty cars, but, quite simply to make a comic book.

I will also be presenting ViolatoR and Trevor's work as well as some of my own research, the comic, posters, and stickers. We covered our table in wires and tree parts and a movie of Aesthar lost in her urban landscape will be playing constantly as people walk by.

I am no longer with the band Autotomii and so sadly, that album will not see the light of day.

After channeling Jack and Gene so much, I hope Stan and Bill are easy to talk to. Jack wants me to tell Stan, that he's not mad at him. But I don't wanna upset Stan. Being my childhood hero and all...

I have started two Secret ( Secret Sun ) Projects as well, that I will be unveiling in the Sun in a few months.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Big One : ViolatoR's Mystery Cubes

The Cube, and early teleplay by The Muppets creator Jim Henson, features a man trapped inside a cube of unknown purpose. The man does not know how he got there, why is he there, or how he can escape.

That’s about as concise of an explanation for the human condition as you can get.

And interesting aside could be made about the man as an actor who is being manipulated by director and puppeteer Jim Henson.

The cube and the square (both the shape and the masonic tool) are symbols of the material part of the universe. The shape is indicative of higher dimensions.

For instance, a two-dimensional hexagon can reveal a three-dimensional cube turned so that we are looking down the apex of one corner of the cube to the opposite corner. The shape is symbolically seen as 6-around-1 with a seventh point in the center and a hidden eighth point behind that. It is the center of a sacred geometry framework known as Metatron’s Cube.

The hidden cube at the center also indicates one more dimension in the idea of a fourth-dimensional tesseract. A black square, or cube, is the symbol for the planet and god Saturn, chief of the 7 “wandering stars” and ruler of this world. The planet saturn actually has a hexagonal shaped storm on its north pole. Saturn is associated with time, and thus death and decay, the color black and the element lead; the most dense and profane of the alchemical elements.

A eight-sided octahedron fits inside a cube with each vertex touching a face of the cube. Octagrams can be drawn as two overlapping squares, but in this case only one square represents earth and the material while the other represents heaven and the spiritual. A cube has 6 sides, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. The sum of these numbers is 26, the numeric value of the four-letter name of god in Hebrew: YHWH. Also known as the tetragrammaton, the four letters in modern Hebrew are sometimes written vertically to represent a man with a head, arms, the trunk, and the legs.

Unfolded, the cube can become a cross; notoriously the symbol of the crucifixion of the Christian messiah Jesus. Upon his death, Jesus sent his spirit back to it's source with these words: "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!" (Luke 23:46) Already symbolically tied to higher dimensions through Metatron’s Cube, cuboid objects are often used in popular culture as a means of supernatural transportation; whether it be between dimensions or just through space. See, for example, the cuboid phone booths in the television series Dr. Who and in the movie Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure. Keanu Reeves can be seen on the movie poster for Excellent Adventure atop the phone booth with his legs outlining the word “one” out of the word ”phone.”

He would go on to play “the One,” the messiah figure of The Matrix franchise. Keanu also travels to hell and back in the movie Constantine.

The physical world is the opposite of the spiritual world in classic duality. In various cosmologies the heavens and earth are separated by some act of creation. Creative deities are known as demiurges, such as the god Yahweh/YHWH. In a Gnostic sense, this is not the highest expression of god, but only a lesser and less perfect god responsible for the material plane of existence. Hollywood has any number of movies and television shows which hint at a Gnostic viewpoint of our world. As god created man, man’s creations are one more layer lower in the spiritual hierarchy, and are usually symbolized by an imperfect and insane artificial intelligence and as robotic humanoids (an analogy of Yahweh as creator of Man). The A.I. of the movie I, Robot is a typical example. Supercomputer V.I.K.I. uses her creation, the latest in robotic technology, to attempt a global takeover. She presents herself as a projection of a face inside of a cube. The best example is probably the movie 9, where an imperfect artificial intelligence creates equally imperfect robots which turn on their masters and absolutely destroy the world, killing all humans in the process. The creator of the insane A.I. is known as “the source,” by his more perfect creations, nine dolls who each contain an equal part of the source’s soul. Here we have the Gnostic idea of a source of the duality, as well as an imperfect creation/creator, and the more perfect creation which contains part of the source in much the same way Jesus or any human does. The difference being that the source is realized in Jesus and not in general humanity at large.

The robots of I, Robot are all linked by a shared consciousness controlled by the supercomputer V.I.K.I. via an up-link which must be disabled in order to stop the robot menace. In the televsion and movie franchise Star Trek, there is a enemy race known as The Borg. They assimilate all beings they encounter and add their consciousness to the collective mind of The Borg. They also fly through space in a giant cube. In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, cuboid “monoliths” originate from some unknown source in the universe to aid in the creation and evolution of life. The monolith acts as a stargate when astronaut Dave Bowman enters it and is evolved into a new type of consciousness.

In The Matrix, all humans are born into a shared consciousness known as the matrix which is controlled by the artificial intelligence that the humans had created in the past. Some humans do live outside of the matrix program in a place known as Zion which is located somewhere deep in the earth near the core. It is symbolically Hell: the material world humans exist in while they are not part of the source. The Cube movie trilogy features a cube of unknown origin and purpose which is being used as some sort of test for the people trapped inside of it.

The company which maintains the cube is called IZON, an anagram of Zion of The Matrix. The saviour figure of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves as Neo, must realize his full potential and free himself, and by extension all humans, from the artificial prison.

The themes point to the cube as a symbol of the material world where a less-than-perfect creative deity has placed us, but from where we can escape if we realize the source within.

-by ViolatoR

The Big One : Trevor's Sucker Punch

The movie Sucker Punch has often been compared to The Matrix, yet in SP, The Matrix's Agents/Archons have been replaced by two only slightly different enemies: Steampunk WWI soldiers brought back from the dead, representing transhumanism, while another enemy Babydoll and the others must face are rebellious cyborgs. First off, it's pretty obvious that the cyborgs are easily attributed to the machine overlords in the Matrix trilogy, but then you have the WWI soldiers representing transhumanism. The machines in The Matrix are essentially one of the fears about transhumanism: humans being replaced by machines.

This fear can also be seen in the form of other Archonic/transhuman enemies: The Borg from Star Trek, HAL 9000 from 2001, T-1000 from The Terminator, the Daleks from Doctor Who, and possibly many others.

But it just isn't limited to mechanical entities. We can also see a menacing side of transhumanism in the form of parasitic aliens: Necromophs from Dead Space (which ties in nicely to the Resident Evil franchise), The Thing, xenomorphs from the Alien franchise and the artwork of H.R. Giger, and again, possibly many others. Now consider this: The Agents are to the Archons what the Borg, T-1000, etc. are to mechanical tranhumanism, but what is it for the parasitic aliens? Look no further than the Strangers from Dark City, also resemble the Borg, along with the Cenobites from the Hellraiser franchise. To make matters more interesting, The Strangers, Agents, and Observers from Fringe seem to share a common ancestor: The Men in Black.

These transhuman monsters have another Black Oil-esque relative: The Shoggoths from H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. When you put these together, the message seems to be that transhumanism gone awry is a way of "assimilating" with the Archons.But how does SP fit into this mess? Here's how: Sucker Punch and possibly The Matrix were both influenced by video games. There have been theories circulating that our modern technology may be recovered "alien" technology. So what would that make virtual reality and games? An interesting connection is how Timothy Leary, a proponent of psychedelics, would later become a proponent of virtual reality. Then of course, you have Steve Jobs, the main link between the psychedelic experience and the VR experience. In things like the Mithraic mysteries up to shamanic rituals, you have psychedelics being used to contact the "gods"...or flying discs!

Now I feel I should mention two other franchises: Transformers and Battlestar Galactica/Caprica. In both these franchises we see Archonic machines (Decepticons and Cylons), but they are merely predecessors for the transhuman machines. Both these franchises contain ancient astronaut elements. Plus, in Caprica, a bit of the action takes place in the VR world of New Caprica, while in Transformers 2, Sam undergoes his own psychedelic experience from a piece of the All-Spark cube. Ancient astronauts being replaced by engineered Archons can also be seen in Mountains of Madness. So the overriding message is that evidence of the Star Gods/Ancient Astronauts being discovered by corporate-minded/religious fanatics/materialists/corrupt governments leads to transhumanism gone awry, all in some weird time loop scenario. But video games and and "aliens" can't be that bad, you're probably asking. Well, keep reading dear reader, because you're about to travel deeper down the rabbit hole.

In order to understand this, we must now head into the superhero and fantasy genres for a bit. Another influence Sucker Punch and The Matrix share is Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is basically about a human traveling into some fantasy realm, much like Lovecraft's Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath. The hero, Randolph Carter, fights against the Nightgaunts in Dream Quest. At the X-Files Lexicon blog, it is stated that Lovecraft may have had and abduction experience in his childhood, his abductors being referred to as the Nightgaunts. The Nightgaunts fall into the same archetypal category as the Dementors from Harry Potter, Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings, and the Smoke Monster from Lost. These latter three entities seem to carry the same traits and behaviors as the infamous Shadow People. Just to bring it full circle, some speculate that the Shadow People may be tied into the Ufo phenomena. "But how can aliens, beings from other planets, also be ghost-like entities?" may be a popular question. Pehaps they aren't physical. Which brings us to the Elusive Companion/Ultraterrestrial/Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis, the idea that the entities we are seeing, and might have seen for centuries, may in fact be interdimensional or a companion race, rather than flying back and forth from other planets (As proposed by John Keel, Whitley Streiber, Mac Tonnies, Charles Fort, Christopher Knowles, etc.).

So how do Elusive Companions, fantasy, superheroes, and video games intertwine? When you take the plots and recurrent themes of Sucker Punch, Harry Potter, Hanna, Kick-Ass, Pan's Labyrinth, Let Me In, and The Hunger Games, the main theme seems to be that the characters are dropped into a world trying to militarize or emotionally/mentally scar them so they use an alternate magical reality as a means of literal escape, often with the help of Elusive Companions.

The ECs make an appearance in the Lord of the Rings as well, in the forms of the Elves. Now here's where superheroes are tied in. Jack Kirby's The Eternals is about a conflict taking place between two groups: The Eternals, humanoids who were worshipped as gods in ancient times, protect mankind from the Deviants, groteusque creatures who live underground and build machines as part of their plot to ovethrow humanity.

This battle takes place until the return of the Celestials (Star Gods). If one were to compare LOTR and the Eternals, it's pretty clear that the Eternals=the Elves and Gandalf while the Deviants=the Orcs/Uruk-hai. On Christopher Knowles' Secret Sun blog, he states that the Eternals were Kirby's representation of the Nordic "aliens" while Deviants were Grays/Reptilians. It's been speculated that when the ancient astronauts left, they left behind a Watcher race to monitor mankind's progress until their return. Perhaps this Watcher race split into the Archons and the Elusive Companions. Which brings us to the next part of our journey.

According to Knowles, people like Jack Kirby, Gene Roddenberry, Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, and many others seemed to be "picking up signals" of some sort, whether it be PKD's Valis experience or Uri Geller. The string of incidents that connect these people are attributed to three things: Electronic "voices" (the cybernetic replacements), Sirians (Elusive Companions), and a group called the Nine (ancient astronauts). The Sirians are believed to be the same entities as the Nommo, fish-like beings described by the Dogon tribe as coming from the Sirius star system. The Nommo themselves are similar to Lovecraft's Outer Gods.

In Alan Moore's Neonomicon, one character describes how the Outer Gods are us in the future while PKD says the same thing about the Sirians. The time loop again. Perhaps it is the Nine who plant the memes described in this article as a means to help us evolve and break free of the cosmic prison. In a synchromystic examination by Mike Clelland regarding ECH, he talks about a series of connections between 2001, Planet of the Apes, The Outer Limits, Jack Kirby, and the Tucson shootings. In regards to Mike's ECH post, there are two things that I wanted to point out. Connecting to 2001, we have David Bowie (close to Dave Bowman) making the song "Space Oddity". He also played an alien in The Man Who Fell to Earth and, surprise surprise, played a vampire/Nephilim(?) in The Hunger. Just to add on to that, The Hunger was written by Whitley Streiber, a contactee himself. Also, The Man Who Fell to Earth seems to bear a parallel narrative to Stranger in A Strange Land, written by Robert A. Heinlein. Heinlein can act as a mediator between PKD and Jack Parsons.

This brings in the Babylon Working and of course, you gotta throw Crowley in at some point, which connects to Lam and Crowley's contact with Aiwass. Also, Stranger seemed to be a tribute to two people: Parsons and "Nine contactee" PJF. Connecting to Planet of the Apes, we have Rise of the Planet of the Apes featuring four syncnifigant actors. First James Franco, who starred in the Spider-Man films, where in the last movie he saved the Grey-eyed Spider-Man from, what else, the Black Oil. Then we have Tom Felton, who starred in the HP franchise which I already brought up. Then, we have Andy Serkis playing the ape Caesar, Serkis starring in LOTR (mentioned) and King Kong. I view both movies of having "9/11 Mega Ritual" symbolism.

Then of course, we move to the lovely Freida Pinto. Freida starred in two movies last year: This movie tied in to an AAT-themed franchise and Immortals, a movie dealing with the Greek gods. As a SP bonus, after Emma Stone dropped out, Freida was set to play Amber before the role went to Jamie Chung.

But that doesn't mean the Archons don't have a say in this.On the Secret Sun, Knowles describes how in Kirby's OMAC and Kamandi, Kirby seemed to have predicted not just the Gulf War and the arrest of Saddam Hussein, but the wars as a means to search for Annunaki stargates in the Middle East, not to mention the destroying of evidence, hence the looting of museums (remember the recent events in Egypt?). This idea has been taken up by conspiracy researchers. Remember what I said about evidence of the Star Gods and transhumanism gone awry? Another series of connections that seem to relate to this pertain to Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In the story "Allan and the Sundred Veil", it turns out that Randolph Carter is related to John Carter, who traveled to Barsoom via astral projection. It should be noted that the John Carter stories are influenced by Theosophy, which seems to bridge Eastern mysticism and contact experiences (same as the Nine). The Carters join forces with Allan Quatermain and the Time Traveler and encounter subterranean Morlocks and the mi-go, which may be compared to the crab-clawed Sirians. In the same volume, the League must stop Sherlock Holmes' nemesis, Moriarty, from destroying London with a new weapon. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows seems to have taken this concept and altered it so that it seems that Moriarty is paving the way for WWI.

One last thing I want to touch on is how the Nine are combating this. Judging by the fact that these memes pop up in sci-fi, fantasy, comic books etc. and the transmission events take place around 1974, it seems that the Nine are using the counterculture, whether geeks are aware or not. Knowles describes geeks as a product of 60s/70s counterculture, the era in which things such as Star Trek, Marvel comics, and 2001 were popular, along with a rejuvenated interest in H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Lord of the Rings (which references the "Nine kings"). It also doesn't surprise me that occultism and aliens were popular int his period of time, given the fact that superheroes and science fiction are rooted in the paranormal and occult, as described in Knowles' Our Gods Wear Spandex and Jeff Kripal's Mutants and Mystics.

In OGWS, Knowles mentions how the pulps are the link between comics and Victorian occultism. Essentially, these books argue about the interaction between the world of stories and the paranormal as having a hand in our evolution. We can become the heroes!

by Trevor Tocco

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Big One Part 2

Part 2 The Source: The Nine

In Egyptology and Star Wars:

" He ( Osiris ) assembled a host or company of nine gods, called the TETI, Djedi or Jedi or " the stable ones", with which he set fourth to conquer the Earth, not with weapons, but with music and poetry. His " power bread " fed his followers. " - William Henry[1] -Use the Force

ViolatoR explains "The Nine principles of god are the Egyptian Grand Ennead of Heliopolis. Nine also represents the 7 heavens and 2 earthly realms, or "two lands" of Egypt. The neteru (~gods) came from the pre-creation state of the universe, the watery chaos of Nun. Nun (male) and Naunet (female) are basically one in the same, and father and mother of Ra, most commonly depicted as a solar deity; tho Ra had around 75 different aspects. All neteru that took part in creation are aspects of Ra. And Horus is "...the offspring of the nine-times-unity of neteru." (- Leiden Paypyrus, stanza 50.)"

The Nine Muses:

"The Nine Muses, Or, Poems Written by Nine several Ladies Upon the death of the late Famous John Dryden, Esq. (London: Richard Basset, 1700) was an elegiac volume of poetry published pseudonymously. The contributors were English women writers, each of whom signed their poems with the names of Muses. The collection was edited by Delarivier Manley (who wrote as "Melpomene" and "Thalia") and includes pieces by Susanna Centlivre ("perhaps," according to Blain et al.), Sarah Fyge Egerton ("Erato", "Euterpe", and "Terpsichore"), Mary Pix ("Clio"), Catherine Trotter ("Calliope"), and Sarah Piers ("Urania"). The poet writing as "Polimnia" (Of Rhetorick) has not been identified; her initials are "Mrs. D. E."-wikipedia

Worldly Comparison: 9 ( the number )

"Nine is strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power. There are nine forms of the dragon, it is described in terms of nine attributes, and it has nine children It has 117 scales - 81 yang (masculine, heavenly) and 36 yin(feminine, earthly). All three numbers are multiples of 9 (9x13=117, 9x9=81, 9x4=36) ]as well adding up individually to 9 (1+1+7=9, 8+1=9, 3+6=9). / The number 9 is revered in Hinduism and considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, which originated from the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000BC. / Important Buddhist rituals usually involve nine monks ( as ) Nine justices sit on the United States Supreme Court. / Nine is a significant number in Norse Mythology. Odin hung himself on an ash tree for nine days to learn the runes.

"The Nine Worthies are nine historical, or semi-legendary figures who, in the Middle Ages,( who ) were believed to personify the ideals of chivalry / In Middle-earth, there are nine rings of power given to men, and consequently, nine ringwraiths."

K-9 is another term for dog. K-9 may equal Dog-God, Dogstar, the Sirius influence.
If we look at the character with relation to the Nine, Deep Space Nine, and Seven of Nine; we see that the Tarot card of the star, ,has an eight pointed star, which we link with Sirius. Then, seven other stars. What we rarely seem to hear about is the possibility of the woman being a star. ( "Every man and woman is a star" - Crowley ) If we view the woman as a star. She represents a 7 pouring the 9's ( Sirius ) influence into the world. 7 of 9 may represent the kind of electromagnetic Outer Limits god influence that is seen in the positive aspects of trans-humanism in gnostic cosmonaut history. Thanks to Chris Knowles for bringing the card and episode to my attention.

That knowing stare, that parental flare of affirmation is all Roddenberry needs to journey back into the place in his gut that drove the show. All he needs to stare down the demons that would pervert his vision in the name of sales. This is Jack Kirby having been worn out by the agents of the Archons; silencing, what for him, was natural vision, the very breath of his drawing style, engaging a new kind of vigilantism a new kind of ever so constructive anger, this is Thor leaping from the pages of his work to battle Nazis who would pervert his father's name, and snuff out his illuminating thunder flame. These men left us with legions of gods, Odysseus would shudder after being put through the alchemical spiritual test of Kirby's characters, and he would weep endlessly in the air of one Vulcan mind link.

the Nine in Media:

The Nine Unknown Men

"Nine Unknown Men: Many centuries have passed since the demise of Atlantis, but the knowledge of this great civilization has been passed down to descendants, who protected it heavily! Every member of the Union of the Nine must guard one of the nine sacred books containing scientific knowledge, discoveries and facts that are forbidden to humankind. The Union has been waiting patiently for the time when humanity will be ready for this information. When one of the nine dies, someone worthy must assume his place.Pass a set of quests to become the Keeper of one of the nine secret books! Traverse countries across Europe, Asia and North America." - the game

the book
"is a 1923 novel by Talbot Mundy.Originally serialised in Adventure magazine, [1] it concerns the "Nine Unknown Men", a fictional secret society founded by the Mauryan Emperor Asoka around 270 BC[citation needed] to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong hands. The nine unknown men were entrusted with guarding nine books of secret knowledge. In the novel the nine men are embodiment of good and face up against nine Kali worshippers, who sow confusion and masquerade as the true sages.

The nine books entrusted to the Nine Unknown contain information on

1. Propaganda and Psychological warfare,
2. Physiology, including secrets concerning the "touch of death",
3. Microbiology,
4. Alchemy,
5. Communication, including communication with extraterrestrials,
6. Gravity, and anti-gravity devices (Vimanas, the "ancient UFOs of India"),
7. Cosmology, including hyperspace and time-travel,
8. Light, and a technology capable of modifying the speed of light and

9. Sociology, including rules predicting the rise and fall of empires."-from wikipedia

Sorry Friends It's Time To get off the Ride... for Now : )

The Big One Part 3

The Nine

" In the original pitch that Gene Roddenberry had sent to NBC, there was a lot about disembodied alien intelligences that were using people as human channeling " - -Christopher Knowles

"In early 1975, a broke and depressed Roddenberry was approached by a British former race car driver named Sir John Whitmore, who was associated with a strange organization called ‘Lab-9.’ Though unknown to the public, Lab-9 were ostensibly a sort of an independent version of the X-Files, dedicated to the research of paranormal phenomena. However, Lab-9 had another, more complex agenda- they later claimed to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called the ‘Council of Nine’ or simply ‘The Nine’, who had been communicating through ‘channelers’ or psychic mediums."

( There are )"...nine major characters introduced in the first episode of ST:TNG, a “Council of Nine” if you will. And exactly like the fabled Council of Nine, the cast of ST:TNG all have corresponding deities in the Egyptian pantheon ."

-Christopher Knowles from his blog the Secret Sun

Ultra-controversial alternative history book The Stargate Conspiracy,by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince details Gene Roddenberry's supposed contact with Lab 9...Not many people know the Star Trek occult connection, and apparently fewer can verbalize it in a sensical manner. In Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince's book, they detail some of Rodenberry's spiritualist leanings.

"One famous name very much part of the Lab Nine scene in the mid-1970s was Gene Rodenberry...His involvement began in 1974, several years after the original Star Trek TV series finished, but around the time he was developing ideas for the first of the series of movies. It is said that that some of the concepts in these...came from the Nine, and they influenced some of the characters, concepts and storylines...

"Gene Rodenberry " To whom am I talking? Do you have a name ?
disincarnate voice " As you know I am a spokesperson for the Nine. But I also have another position, which I have with you in the project..."

The following is the work of Douglas Stingley, whom I am honored to quote here.
Special Thanks Douglas, for your work.

Part 1
"I allowed Gene Roddenberry to be placed on the "hot seat" twice on To Tell The Truth. Time for The Nine "To Tell The Truth". Who are they? The surface media treatment of The Nine say they are "spiritual entities who speak through channeling". For me it's way too pat of an answer. Because every grouping, except one, who became involved with them, went down no...t a spritual or religious or some sort of contrived New Age philosophy, but became "one" in some way with extraterrestrials. But where is the proof in the world of Roddenberry for the technological means to communicate through something that looked/sounded like Channeling, but was other? Let's put these thoughts on hold, and look at the other bookend of TV SciFi creation who fits into this picture, Leslie Stevens of the Outer Limits. But where did Stevens get his "insider" knowledge from? His father was a Navy Admiral, BUT no ordinary Admiral. Admiral Leslie C. Stevens served from 1947 to 1950 as US Navy Attache' at the US Embassy in Stalinist Moscow, USSR. He then becomes a major National Security Advisor for General Dwight Eisenhower's Presidency. Stevens then participates in 2 major projects for President Eisenhower. The first is "Project Solarium", a study that created nothing short of the policy for the Nuclear Defense Of Europe, and the conditions that will take place, in effect "the rules". He serves on a body of that study called, "Panal That Drafted The Terms Of Reference For Each Task Force", literally the whole vocabulary for this defense policy! Who would we know that shared the 5-seats on this committee? Well we have future Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and the Chair, General Jimmy Doolittle, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo Doolittle! Here's a link to that Study:
...Now I'm going to cheat a bit! I'm giving you 2 links relevent to Admiral Stevens here, but this site only allows 1 per posting. There was also a 2nd Presidential Assignment given Admiral Stevens. He was appointed by President Harry S. Truma...n as the US Navy Representative on the Governing Committee for the predicessor of NASA, called NACA. This was at the same time he served as Navy Attache' in Moscow, USSR. Here's that link:

Part 2
"...of the Stevens Saga, the early history of the Outer Limits Creator. Leslie Stevens took a very interesting path in his military service. Instead of joining the Navy for a spot all set for him by his father at the US Naval Academy, he joined the US Army Air Corp's Radio Branch and rose to the rank of Captain. In my research of around 6 weeks on this I've recieved many hints and tip...s that USAAC Captain Stevens was involved with a very esoteric form of radio broadcast technology, this is in the world of Very Low Frequency Radio, ie. VLF. This all focused around early day radio research of an Electronic Engineer by the name of Karl Jansky of the Bell Labs. He found that radio interfearance or the "Sounds Of The Universe" or as radio hobbiests today would call "spherics" were heard best on VLF Frequencies. This led ultimately to the US Navy Submarine communications grids in Michigan and near Bellingham, Washington. High wattage leads VLF signals to literally use the Earth itself as a radio wave duct. The whole earth becomes porous to radio waves. Then the Air Force, a little higher in the bands, around 175KHz created GWEN, the Ground Wave Emergency Network, with towers exactly 299' tall around the country sending command codes to bombers around the globe with radio waves being ducted by Earth's magnetic grid. BUT there's another thing that's very Star Trek and Outer Limits oriented that VLF waves can do for you! If you can get enough transmitter wattage, you can have every piece of conductive metal act as a reciever/amplifier/speaker! All you have to do is point these radio waves from a specific location!! Is this the Secret of The Nine's so-called Channelers, such as Dr. Vinod?"

Listening to Electricity, the Outer Limits and Electric contact article from the Library ( )

Note from Douglas :
( I've been thinking on the same lines for a while, CARS, we have the so-called Puharich Circle. First in this Circle, the founder was a British Race Driver by the name of Sir James Whitmore. Second we have Gene Roddenberry "pushing alu...minum" as a Commercial Airline Pilot. Third we have a UFO Cult called the Raelians founded by a French Race Car Driver named Claude Vorhlon. What I'm seeing is plenty of electrically conductive metal around! )

"...Let's set up a scenario very familiar to those who have watched Star Trek, and The Outer Limits, OK? An inner clique knowledgable of the REAL SOURCE of The Nine's messages, and the time they are sent, gathers around a group of followers to recieve so-called channeled messages from some source calling themselves "The Nine". The faked channeling comes really from conductive metal fixtures in the meeting room. So who are The Nine in this case? Well I've never under any condition believed in spiritual entities, a pantheon of gods, ancient Egyptian Dieties, what have you! Read this article, and think this question aloud, "did Stevens encounter The Nine in his Army Air Corp Electronics Lab?"

Part 3
"It's time for the Priest to marry the Circle of Leslie Stevens, and the Circle of Gene Roddenberry! So who's the Priest who conducts the wedding, and is the go-between over the years? The same man who formed an informal circle at lunchtime at Portland, Oregon Star Trek Conventions, Robert Justman! To read his work history, is a history of mostly working for Leslie Stevens, or for Gene Roddenberry, with some minor work in the 1950's. He had only one show of his own, an NBC series called "A Man Called Bronson", the story of a man riding around the modern USA Far West on motorcycle, doing good deeds. D.C. Fontana ran the Writing Staff on the show. Also a shared series with Star Trek Vet Herb Solow called "Man From Atlantis", the short lived scifi series of 1977 that starred future Dallas star Patrick Duffy.

It's like watching a tennis match with Justman, one moment with Stevens, the other moment with Roddenberry. BUT Justman also according to his Wikipedia Listing had a major government/military assigment during the 1993-1994 period as a Guest Scholor, Speaker, and Future Thinker for a Military Space Project based out of Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama called, "SPACECAST 2020". This was based out of the Air University, and was Commanded by USAF General Merrill McPeak, an Oregon Native I've mentioned in a posting of this kind related to serving as Chair of the Admirals/Generals Committee of support for President Obama's Election.
I've also presented conjecture of mine supported by my years as a UFO Investigator, that General McPeak is one of a group of Earth Military Flag Officers who are really on the UFO Aliens side, not Earthly Governments. My question is with all of these "The Nine" Types moving in and out of Portland in my Native State Of Oregon, is this a headquarters of sorts for The Nine activity in the USA? I've mentioned the Star Trek retirees who came to the Portland area to retire, including Justman. Here's that SPACECAST report:"

Douglas goes on to explain that Gene may have run into Foo Fighters while flying B-17s in WW2, when he crashed, no cause was announced...

Cosmic Voyage:
A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

In this book Courtney Brown P.h.d attempts to remote view abductions and the show Star Trek

CB: "Maybe ten or more, humanoid in appearance , wearing white luminous robes "

Which matches a scene from the Star Trek cartoon episode The Magicks of Megas-Tu

CB: " something like the Lucifer Incident "
" the subspace beings are not so concerned with the actual humans in this structure, but about the activities that are being conducted by these physical humans. Somehow this activity relates to some change, both better and worse, regarding the planet Earth. "


In Leonard Nimoy's biography I AM SPOCK he mentions Rodenberry's ideas that were rejected by Paramount relating to a more spiritual Star Trek script, and the tension over trying to express the multi faceted nature of alien contact. It is known that in 1974 Whitmore..." commisioned Bradbury to write a script about the Nine, which was later passed to the producer of the show Sliders. Rodenberry apparently contacted the Nine in Sep. 1975, and realized he was to be a catalyst for oncoming information from the " space people ".

Magic the Gathering-Magic: the Gathering

"The term Power Nine refers to a set of nine specific cards in the game of Magic: The Gathering. These cards were only printed early in the game's history and consist of Black Lotus,[1[[|]]] Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, Mox Pearl, and Timetwister." - wikipedia

Revolution 9- the Beatles ( " Number 9 " )

The 9 - videogame company responsible for World of Warcraft, Hellgate: London, and Huxely

The Nine Last Resort Video Game Robert Deniro produced based off the 9 muses...

So our heroes were evolving, like us they were learning to be more human, and at the same time taking on larger, more alien problems. Like us, they were becoming more resilient, they are but symbols, but more than any other medium they insisted we could be stronger. The black 2001 Space Odyssey monolith, speaks volumes in the sight of its actual appearance. Forget conspiracies, here before you stands the star-gate. Contact is certain. Evolution is certain. Survival is not. As we put on our silly human space suits and swallow our silly human drugs, she is there. Does it matter if we lose, this horse, this vessel, this me? Are we going to be assimilated in some Brave New Nightmare, predicted to us with anyone happening to have Wells in their name in literary circles- from the ancient past? Is this the mysterious Borg Cube? A testament to all our " adult " reactions becoming more reactionary and less formative, the Decepticons, the All Spark Cube, or is this the plan of some comic book post Nazi with a Cosmic Cube? Is this the rectangular UFO littered through so many cases, our four sided confining box, viewed in three dimensions becomes the six sided hexagon, a perfect prison for a mind, but screw the personal, this was a cubicle for a world.

Its chaperon's appearing more and more robotic each day, in dark underworlds the strings are pulled by men in cold blue and black, the men from Dark City. But who does their work? After Kubrick's least known picture, Apollo 11, he responds, apparently rather disturbed with Clockwork Orange running around traumatizing and being traumatized. Are the demons that brew in these men, instead the grays and reptilians themselves? Does this mysterious block indicate certain death or torture...? Are the archons inside us, speaking for us, or just calibrating our history to their draconian timeline?

An ancient totem, cuts through time and understanding, a monolith that has no difference in relation to the physical sentient beings who have joined its cult. Stanley Kubrick scared of the bad guys, whoever they are this week, rushes men to the moon, while his black monolith stares back at him, pulls consciousness apart in a thousand directions taking with it - islands of the collective mind. These are the waking primitive disproportionate lunging expressions of the man who would be marvelous god, if only it were not for back room politics, this is Roddenberry shaking as his hopes and dreams stare him in the face through astral mucosal lining and proclaim they are the Nine gods of the Egyptian Heliopolis. Sexual perversions aside this was dialogue with universe. He may have learned the earth is hollow, he may have touched the sky, he may have mourned for his ego divided between ancient deities.

Adepts for centuries have searched the halls of mystery memory, like Egyptian initiates encountering crocodiles, wondering what fate awaits them in the dark, is this the trickery of some hazing fraternity,? No, it is more the unknowing waking of an alien brain, the unaware initiate charting labyrinths as Indiana Jones, or sweaty adolescent fingers controlling his baphomet dreamgirl, if David Childress dreamed in pixels- Lara Croft. I hear a resentful Watcher explain

“They are one and the same “
"Pay no mind to those, who have become frozen in their field, their belief, ego trapped in carbonite. Han Solo attesting for his sins. It is but a generational gap, an old crone complaining of vaginal problems, because ayahuasca has lost its splendor as a dildo. "

Because jets fly faster than brooms across the void; and worse, they convey and contain penises, if not blind Artemis, her arrows and sword replaced by the military industrial stink of defensive capitalism. Backwards feminism has reared its ugly head and the idea of a goddess has been replaced with the chance to dress like men, and think with their dicks...Men have, and as I understand it, not for the first time, and not on purpose- in most men's understanding of reality, actually caused a left brain cancer, the technology that coats the very skin of mother earth confuses soda signs for the real. As Russian intelligence officer Alfred Korzybski bravely posed sometime around 1933, largely before its postmodern circles would develop tech-gnosis over the idea,

“the map is not the territory. "

What better way to encrypt the kind of Alex/Janus end world programming, then to repeatedly battle mindless zombies, some of which bear the insignia of a vandalized Tibetan swastika. Tibet and Germany giving birth to alien rocket science schematics and mastering control of the mind. One - control of one's mind, the latter control of the masses. Here smack dab in the middle of modern video game violence, is Glycon, media dancing again to the rhythm of entertainment that is science fiction, as steady and constant as the war drum of a post World War 2 agenda. One that was never American... The snake continues dropping crumbs of insight, trickling kryptonite dandruff, Glycon writhes into our bottom chakras, we shake and trembling we scream

" give us more ! "

more football, more Saturnbox, more glittering strip shows pretending to sell cigarettes, we demand more of the gore of the Roman coliseum. Give us an amphitheater of war in HD. I don't think we are cut off enough from the real world yet. Alan Moore jokingly suggests he worships Glycon, explaining him like the girl in the red dress, the distraction worth losing the show over. The severe lack of love can be heard, the energy pulled from the room, as Alan Watt explains in more words than most can sit through, how much the stage is thought out, his predictive programming speech braving to make sense of it all. This sadness in his eyes, like John Lennon after tasting the petals of a thousand psychedelic Hindu gods, and floating in a TM place of love and light with Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussein, before realizing the rest of the species wouldn't actually follow him to this bliss at all. Tim Leary accepting cult status when gurus are made to look like smoke and mirror magicians.

Note #1 : Jack Kirby and Gene Roddenberry were both in World War 2 as well, Gene as a pilot of B-17 bombers, the 17 being a common theme in his work, and Jack was in Patton's Army division.

Quotes from Christopher Knowles at the Secret Sun : The Council of Nine and the Star Trek Pantheon.