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Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Wise as Cartoon Writers... ( Cobra La La La )

"I warped your childhood beyond all recognition." -DAVID WISE

The Beginning
When David Wise was sixteen and growing up in Oslo Norway, he contributed to the Star Trek series by co-authoring an episode that would reaffirm my interest in cartoons as psychedelic experiences, and conveyors of ultimate mystic philosophy just shy of Mystery School experience ( as we have seen in comics with Jack Kirby and live action television with Star Trek )
This episode of course is " How Sharp a Serpent's Tooth "

" Be Wise as Serpents "

A flying serpent convinces the crew he was the incarnation of all ancient worldly serpent deities and that he instructed man in building the pyramids and other sacred sites.

"It is also important to note that, as ( Robert ) Temple points out, the ancient Egyptian word and hieroglyph for goddess also means serpent, and their hieroglyph for Sirius also means tooth. Thus the stories of the "serpent's tooth" can be read as the " Goddess Sirius." The egyptian word for tooth also means dog and, more specifically, dog-god and one hundred." - Icke

" Following the signal of a mysterious probe, the Enterprise is immobilized by an alien whose ship resembles a winged serpent, and who claims to be Kukulkan the ancient god of the Mayan-Aztec people on Earth. Kukulkan transports Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Walking Bear to his ship, where they find an ancient city, and are told they must solve the puzzle of the city or the Enterprise will be destroyed."-Star Trek Animated.Com

Note: It is also interesting to note that William Shatner wrote a TV film called Fire Serpent

Ninja Turtles:

It seems Wise was the reason for launching the Ninja Turtles cartoon, of course adapted from Eastman and Laird's comics. After writing seasons of alien contact spiced with Animator Peter Chung's distinctive style, Wise suddenly had a problem when asked by NBC to write in the Alien False Flag War in Season 9. Oddly enough long after Wise would leave the Turtles they would build a stargate to contact Jack Kirby...

Season 9: written by Fred Wolf, who also did the chipmunks and Bond jr. Oddly enough the main alien villain is named Dregg, the actor who plays his voice ( Tony Jay ) is also Dregit, the lead alien in a Spielberg cartoon series Invasion America.

"This is not a question in there but I'm gonna mention this anyway , cause I have you fans here...
I did not come up with Carter,Carter was CBS' idea,Dregg was created by somebody else and ( trails off ) that's a whole nother story. I was just TOLD TO DO IT! "
- David Wise Interview at VIMEO

In Season 9 alone...

Gold is stolen form the Federal Reserve by aliens with Monotomic intent, who wish to establish a base on Earth and pirate our resources. While the turtles gasp at the aliens jacking the gold they fly a plane right past the WTC towers in the same shot. Mystery Ninja- Carter is interested in Hamato Yoshi- the sensei of the foot clan. Sith, black magick kind of ideas are mentioned here. The aliens need the gold to repair their shields, the aliens hijack transhumanist minority report robots to kill humans.The voice of " high tech " is the same as Pinky, as he helps another Brain ( Dregg ) destroy the world.

Dregg descends from a massive UFO, with the Hollywood SET and Tact of a politician to tell people that his own planet was destroyed by greed and war, and our world is on the same path. To help earth he presents the molecular convertor, and the Turtles are suspicious of the public buying in to the plot. Dregg builds a "Citadel of Science for the good of mankind" a huge skyscraper in the middle of the city. " the good old sewers , they'll get you anywhere. Dregg induces very tight security on his new complex. Carter sells out the turtles, and Dregg gives them a Magneto speech while they are abduction style strapped down, about how they are mutant freaks and they should help him conquer the weak. Carter winds up being a furry yellow mutant warrior ( I don't write this stuff ) and the turtles wind up gaining back their friendship with Carter, and blowing the tower. Then splinter gives a mutation speech.
" Master Splinter, Carter,... how long have you been watching kid's cartoons ? "

Starts with underground establishments playing TV shows of Dregg being a hero and savior of Earth as the turtles fight his mining cronies. Carter and Don build a holographic reality creator. Aliens tell world leaders they will fix a dormant space station and the turtles mutate into fat tuna sandwiches...There's a character named Medusa, but she's kind of so annoying that there is no reason to actually inform you of her existence. Carter uses the holographic reality projector successfully to produce a princess leia version of himself as the turtles come to terms with their mutation experience. Carter gets a " stay in the moment " speech from Splinter. Dregg uses the space station he was claiming to fix, to eliminate earth's defenses. Galactic forced labor mines, is something Medusa refers to, " well dudes I guess we are gonna be space miners for the rest of our lives. " " this isn't a phone booth, it's a teleporter ! " Doctor Who reference.

Turtles referred to throughout this miniseries as Deviants, In Jack Kirby's world these are the underground or reptilian race in the Eternals. SkySat is the space station Dregg uses to knock out all Earth communications, and then announces it is a false flag operation. He takes control of all weapons systems on earth. The turtles fly up on a " starship " and bust up the Blue Beam device, I mean SkySat. The "X-fire needs to go to KillDear Mt" says an MP that works for a major corporation. False flag war perpetuated and Ninja Turtles become like X-Men, hated for who they are and their opposition to the V plot. Dregg propaganda takes over the city. " We need to reveal Dregg's plot to the world, not build weapons " The turtles stumble upon a metalurgy incubator, whatever that actually is... The term TeknoGangters is used repeatedly by the Turtles in reference to the Transmutanist...whatever that is...

Dregg establishes another " citadel " at Killdear mountain complete with Annunaki style gargoyles and sacred geometric construction like an old cathedral " Who's this guy's architect Dracula?" The incubator births an angry slug and Carter has to ride it like a bull...

Chronos ( Saturn ) has stopped all the time devices and is firing "Arrows of Time" at the Turtles. He has numbers all over his body. He claims to know the turtles, " King of the Clocktower, I know everything about you ". Exactly like the character in Batman,and that's why its the same writer as the Clock King episode below, except this season was a reaction to the writing of Power Rangers according to the Turtles wiki... ( above link )

Later Series:

False flag alien invasion, identical to season 9 turtles, the bad guys don't even warn the army on the ground. Turtles figure it out right away just like season 9 " fake aliens, fake ships" The turtles realize the false flag war was only about money, and establishing a messiah image for the Earth Defense Force...

Tarzan and the Space God

Episode of the Tarzan cartoon identical to the Star Trek episode discussed above.
Defenders of the Earth
Themes of winged serpents hiding in Tibetan monastaries, and Ming begins to becomes Mandarin


Dark City guys...Daemonites...and the Kerubim
"The Cherubim were originally the ancient protectors of the Mesopotamian Tree of ...Life. They were often depicted supporting the thrones of deities and kings.They are closely related to (and often identical to) the sphinx."-

* ‎" 2000 years ago alien ship landed on earth" Kerubim vs Daemonites, the word " assimilate " literally used, and VOID's ancient origin..
* " you are a genetic hybrid "
* PINK PKD Valsi Light transmutes Warblade into his goofy self
* " Ive had enough science fiction for one day! "
* VOID=MONOLITH=AIN SOPHIA at once somehow...
* ‎" We are your masters...we need host bodies...Its a marker lets the Daemonites have an entry point to your body..."
* Zealot and Grifter are like the Bounty Hunters in X-files kind of
frozen and stored human usual...


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