Parts of a Broken Mirror

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beam Me Up...PLEASE!

It's showtime in six hours. New Orleans Comic Con is rolling. We are right across from Greg Horn and right in front of James O Barr. Holla! I can never thank the Secret Sun family enough for all their support. In six hours I complete my life's dream. Not to get to space or own twenty cars, but, quite simply to make a comic book.

I will also be presenting ViolatoR and Trevor's work as well as some of my own research, the comic, posters, and stickers. We covered our table in wires and tree parts and a movie of Aesthar lost in her urban landscape will be playing constantly as people walk by.

I am no longer with the band Autotomii and so sadly, that album will not see the light of day.

After channeling Jack and Gene so much, I hope Stan and Bill are easy to talk to. Jack wants me to tell Stan, that he's not mad at him. But I don't wanna upset Stan. Being my childhood hero and all...

I have started two Secret ( Secret Sun ) Projects as well, that I will be unveiling in the Sun in a few months.

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