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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Big One Part 3

The Nine

" In the original pitch that Gene Roddenberry had sent to NBC, there was a lot about disembodied alien intelligences that were using people as human channeling " - -Christopher Knowles

"In early 1975, a broke and depressed Roddenberry was approached by a British former race car driver named Sir John Whitmore, who was associated with a strange organization called ‘Lab-9.’ Though unknown to the public, Lab-9 were ostensibly a sort of an independent version of the X-Files, dedicated to the research of paranormal phenomena. However, Lab-9 had another, more complex agenda- they later claimed to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called the ‘Council of Nine’ or simply ‘The Nine’, who had been communicating through ‘channelers’ or psychic mediums."

( There are )"...nine major characters introduced in the first episode of ST:TNG, a “Council of Nine” if you will. And exactly like the fabled Council of Nine, the cast of ST:TNG all have corresponding deities in the Egyptian pantheon ."

-Christopher Knowles from his blog the Secret Sun

Ultra-controversial alternative history book The Stargate Conspiracy,by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince details Gene Roddenberry's supposed contact with Lab 9...Not many people know the Star Trek occult connection, and apparently fewer can verbalize it in a sensical manner. In Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince's book, they detail some of Rodenberry's spiritualist leanings.

"One famous name very much part of the Lab Nine scene in the mid-1970s was Gene Rodenberry...His involvement began in 1974, several years after the original Star Trek TV series finished, but around the time he was developing ideas for the first of the series of movies. It is said that that some of the concepts in these...came from the Nine, and they influenced some of the characters, concepts and storylines...

"Gene Rodenberry " To whom am I talking? Do you have a name ?
disincarnate voice " As you know I am a spokesperson for the Nine. But I also have another position, which I have with you in the project..."

The following is the work of Douglas Stingley, whom I am honored to quote here.
Special Thanks Douglas, for your work.

Part 1
"I allowed Gene Roddenberry to be placed on the "hot seat" twice on To Tell The Truth. Time for The Nine "To Tell The Truth". Who are they? The surface media treatment of The Nine say they are "spiritual entities who speak through channeling". For me it's way too pat of an answer. Because every grouping, except one, who became involved with them, went down no...t a spritual or religious or some sort of contrived New Age philosophy, but became "one" in some way with extraterrestrials. But where is the proof in the world of Roddenberry for the technological means to communicate through something that looked/sounded like Channeling, but was other? Let's put these thoughts on hold, and look at the other bookend of TV SciFi creation who fits into this picture, Leslie Stevens of the Outer Limits. But where did Stevens get his "insider" knowledge from? His father was a Navy Admiral, BUT no ordinary Admiral. Admiral Leslie C. Stevens served from 1947 to 1950 as US Navy Attache' at the US Embassy in Stalinist Moscow, USSR. He then becomes a major National Security Advisor for General Dwight Eisenhower's Presidency. Stevens then participates in 2 major projects for President Eisenhower. The first is "Project Solarium", a study that created nothing short of the policy for the Nuclear Defense Of Europe, and the conditions that will take place, in effect "the rules". He serves on a body of that study called, "Panal That Drafted The Terms Of Reference For Each Task Force", literally the whole vocabulary for this defense policy! Who would we know that shared the 5-seats on this committee? Well we have future Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and the Chair, General Jimmy Doolittle, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo Doolittle! Here's a link to that Study:
...Now I'm going to cheat a bit! I'm giving you 2 links relevent to Admiral Stevens here, but this site only allows 1 per posting. There was also a 2nd Presidential Assignment given Admiral Stevens. He was appointed by President Harry S. Truma...n as the US Navy Representative on the Governing Committee for the predicessor of NASA, called NACA. This was at the same time he served as Navy Attache' in Moscow, USSR. Here's that link:

Part 2
"...of the Stevens Saga, the early history of the Outer Limits Creator. Leslie Stevens took a very interesting path in his military service. Instead of joining the Navy for a spot all set for him by his father at the US Naval Academy, he joined the US Army Air Corp's Radio Branch and rose to the rank of Captain. In my research of around 6 weeks on this I've recieved many hints and tip...s that USAAC Captain Stevens was involved with a very esoteric form of radio broadcast technology, this is in the world of Very Low Frequency Radio, ie. VLF. This all focused around early day radio research of an Electronic Engineer by the name of Karl Jansky of the Bell Labs. He found that radio interfearance or the "Sounds Of The Universe" or as radio hobbiests today would call "spherics" were heard best on VLF Frequencies. This led ultimately to the US Navy Submarine communications grids in Michigan and near Bellingham, Washington. High wattage leads VLF signals to literally use the Earth itself as a radio wave duct. The whole earth becomes porous to radio waves. Then the Air Force, a little higher in the bands, around 175KHz created GWEN, the Ground Wave Emergency Network, with towers exactly 299' tall around the country sending command codes to bombers around the globe with radio waves being ducted by Earth's magnetic grid. BUT there's another thing that's very Star Trek and Outer Limits oriented that VLF waves can do for you! If you can get enough transmitter wattage, you can have every piece of conductive metal act as a reciever/amplifier/speaker! All you have to do is point these radio waves from a specific location!! Is this the Secret of The Nine's so-called Channelers, such as Dr. Vinod?"

Listening to Electricity, the Outer Limits and Electric contact article from the Library ( )

Note from Douglas :
( I've been thinking on the same lines for a while, CARS, we have the so-called Puharich Circle. First in this Circle, the founder was a British Race Driver by the name of Sir James Whitmore. Second we have Gene Roddenberry "pushing alu...minum" as a Commercial Airline Pilot. Third we have a UFO Cult called the Raelians founded by a French Race Car Driver named Claude Vorhlon. What I'm seeing is plenty of electrically conductive metal around! )

"...Let's set up a scenario very familiar to those who have watched Star Trek, and The Outer Limits, OK? An inner clique knowledgable of the REAL SOURCE of The Nine's messages, and the time they are sent, gathers around a group of followers to recieve so-called channeled messages from some source calling themselves "The Nine". The faked channeling comes really from conductive metal fixtures in the meeting room. So who are The Nine in this case? Well I've never under any condition believed in spiritual entities, a pantheon of gods, ancient Egyptian Dieties, what have you! Read this article, and think this question aloud, "did Stevens encounter The Nine in his Army Air Corp Electronics Lab?"

Part 3
"It's time for the Priest to marry the Circle of Leslie Stevens, and the Circle of Gene Roddenberry! So who's the Priest who conducts the wedding, and is the go-between over the years? The same man who formed an informal circle at lunchtime at Portland, Oregon Star Trek Conventions, Robert Justman! To read his work history, is a history of mostly working for Leslie Stevens, or for Gene Roddenberry, with some minor work in the 1950's. He had only one show of his own, an NBC series called "A Man Called Bronson", the story of a man riding around the modern USA Far West on motorcycle, doing good deeds. D.C. Fontana ran the Writing Staff on the show. Also a shared series with Star Trek Vet Herb Solow called "Man From Atlantis", the short lived scifi series of 1977 that starred future Dallas star Patrick Duffy.

It's like watching a tennis match with Justman, one moment with Stevens, the other moment with Roddenberry. BUT Justman also according to his Wikipedia Listing had a major government/military assigment during the 1993-1994 period as a Guest Scholor, Speaker, and Future Thinker for a Military Space Project based out of Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama called, "SPACECAST 2020". This was based out of the Air University, and was Commanded by USAF General Merrill McPeak, an Oregon Native I've mentioned in a posting of this kind related to serving as Chair of the Admirals/Generals Committee of support for President Obama's Election.
I've also presented conjecture of mine supported by my years as a UFO Investigator, that General McPeak is one of a group of Earth Military Flag Officers who are really on the UFO Aliens side, not Earthly Governments. My question is with all of these "The Nine" Types moving in and out of Portland in my Native State Of Oregon, is this a headquarters of sorts for The Nine activity in the USA? I've mentioned the Star Trek retirees who came to the Portland area to retire, including Justman. Here's that SPACECAST report:"

Douglas goes on to explain that Gene may have run into Foo Fighters while flying B-17s in WW2, when he crashed, no cause was announced...

Cosmic Voyage:
A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

In this book Courtney Brown P.h.d attempts to remote view abductions and the show Star Trek

CB: "Maybe ten or more, humanoid in appearance , wearing white luminous robes "

Which matches a scene from the Star Trek cartoon episode The Magicks of Megas-Tu

CB: " something like the Lucifer Incident "
" the subspace beings are not so concerned with the actual humans in this structure, but about the activities that are being conducted by these physical humans. Somehow this activity relates to some change, both better and worse, regarding the planet Earth. "


In Leonard Nimoy's biography I AM SPOCK he mentions Rodenberry's ideas that were rejected by Paramount relating to a more spiritual Star Trek script, and the tension over trying to express the multi faceted nature of alien contact. It is known that in 1974 Whitmore..." commisioned Bradbury to write a script about the Nine, which was later passed to the producer of the show Sliders. Rodenberry apparently contacted the Nine in Sep. 1975, and realized he was to be a catalyst for oncoming information from the " space people ".

Magic the Gathering-Magic: the Gathering

"The term Power Nine refers to a set of nine specific cards in the game of Magic: The Gathering. These cards were only printed early in the game's history and consist of Black Lotus,[1[[|]]] Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, Mox Pearl, and Timetwister." - wikipedia

Revolution 9- the Beatles ( " Number 9 " )

The 9 - videogame company responsible for World of Warcraft, Hellgate: London, and Huxely

The Nine Last Resort Video Game Robert Deniro produced based off the 9 muses...

So our heroes were evolving, like us they were learning to be more human, and at the same time taking on larger, more alien problems. Like us, they were becoming more resilient, they are but symbols, but more than any other medium they insisted we could be stronger. The black 2001 Space Odyssey monolith, speaks volumes in the sight of its actual appearance. Forget conspiracies, here before you stands the star-gate. Contact is certain. Evolution is certain. Survival is not. As we put on our silly human space suits and swallow our silly human drugs, she is there. Does it matter if we lose, this horse, this vessel, this me? Are we going to be assimilated in some Brave New Nightmare, predicted to us with anyone happening to have Wells in their name in literary circles- from the ancient past? Is this the mysterious Borg Cube? A testament to all our " adult " reactions becoming more reactionary and less formative, the Decepticons, the All Spark Cube, or is this the plan of some comic book post Nazi with a Cosmic Cube? Is this the rectangular UFO littered through so many cases, our four sided confining box, viewed in three dimensions becomes the six sided hexagon, a perfect prison for a mind, but screw the personal, this was a cubicle for a world.

Its chaperon's appearing more and more robotic each day, in dark underworlds the strings are pulled by men in cold blue and black, the men from Dark City. But who does their work? After Kubrick's least known picture, Apollo 11, he responds, apparently rather disturbed with Clockwork Orange running around traumatizing and being traumatized. Are the demons that brew in these men, instead the grays and reptilians themselves? Does this mysterious block indicate certain death or torture...? Are the archons inside us, speaking for us, or just calibrating our history to their draconian timeline?

An ancient totem, cuts through time and understanding, a monolith that has no difference in relation to the physical sentient beings who have joined its cult. Stanley Kubrick scared of the bad guys, whoever they are this week, rushes men to the moon, while his black monolith stares back at him, pulls consciousness apart in a thousand directions taking with it - islands of the collective mind. These are the waking primitive disproportionate lunging expressions of the man who would be marvelous god, if only it were not for back room politics, this is Roddenberry shaking as his hopes and dreams stare him in the face through astral mucosal lining and proclaim they are the Nine gods of the Egyptian Heliopolis. Sexual perversions aside this was dialogue with universe. He may have learned the earth is hollow, he may have touched the sky, he may have mourned for his ego divided between ancient deities.

Adepts for centuries have searched the halls of mystery memory, like Egyptian initiates encountering crocodiles, wondering what fate awaits them in the dark, is this the trickery of some hazing fraternity,? No, it is more the unknowing waking of an alien brain, the unaware initiate charting labyrinths as Indiana Jones, or sweaty adolescent fingers controlling his baphomet dreamgirl, if David Childress dreamed in pixels- Lara Croft. I hear a resentful Watcher explain

“They are one and the same “
"Pay no mind to those, who have become frozen in their field, their belief, ego trapped in carbonite. Han Solo attesting for his sins. It is but a generational gap, an old crone complaining of vaginal problems, because ayahuasca has lost its splendor as a dildo. "

Because jets fly faster than brooms across the void; and worse, they convey and contain penises, if not blind Artemis, her arrows and sword replaced by the military industrial stink of defensive capitalism. Backwards feminism has reared its ugly head and the idea of a goddess has been replaced with the chance to dress like men, and think with their dicks...Men have, and as I understand it, not for the first time, and not on purpose- in most men's understanding of reality, actually caused a left brain cancer, the technology that coats the very skin of mother earth confuses soda signs for the real. As Russian intelligence officer Alfred Korzybski bravely posed sometime around 1933, largely before its postmodern circles would develop tech-gnosis over the idea,

“the map is not the territory. "

What better way to encrypt the kind of Alex/Janus end world programming, then to repeatedly battle mindless zombies, some of which bear the insignia of a vandalized Tibetan swastika. Tibet and Germany giving birth to alien rocket science schematics and mastering control of the mind. One - control of one's mind, the latter control of the masses. Here smack dab in the middle of modern video game violence, is Glycon, media dancing again to the rhythm of entertainment that is science fiction, as steady and constant as the war drum of a post World War 2 agenda. One that was never American... The snake continues dropping crumbs of insight, trickling kryptonite dandruff, Glycon writhes into our bottom chakras, we shake and trembling we scream

" give us more ! "

more football, more Saturnbox, more glittering strip shows pretending to sell cigarettes, we demand more of the gore of the Roman coliseum. Give us an amphitheater of war in HD. I don't think we are cut off enough from the real world yet. Alan Moore jokingly suggests he worships Glycon, explaining him like the girl in the red dress, the distraction worth losing the show over. The severe lack of love can be heard, the energy pulled from the room, as Alan Watt explains in more words than most can sit through, how much the stage is thought out, his predictive programming speech braving to make sense of it all. This sadness in his eyes, like John Lennon after tasting the petals of a thousand psychedelic Hindu gods, and floating in a TM place of love and light with Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussein, before realizing the rest of the species wouldn't actually follow him to this bliss at all. Tim Leary accepting cult status when gurus are made to look like smoke and mirror magicians.

Note #1 : Jack Kirby and Gene Roddenberry were both in World War 2 as well, Gene as a pilot of B-17 bombers, the 17 being a common theme in his work, and Jack was in Patton's Army division.

Quotes from Christopher Knowles at the Secret Sun : The Council of Nine and the Star Trek Pantheon.

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