Parts of a Broken Mirror

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Psycube and Sync 2

‎"On September 13th, the trio known as PsyCube (Violator Hellspawn, Cosmic Comics, and Trevor Tocco) will be joining the Always Record trio (Alan Green, William John, and Dvd Platypus) for what will undoubtably be an awesome roundtable. Very much looking forward to it."-Alan Green
Will Morgan interviewed me at 42 minutes
There will be a website and facebook page continuing the work from the chapter I completed for the Sync Book 2 COMING VERY SOON Sync Book 2 .
Work on Aesthar # 1 has begun involving future cities and inner demon machines!...
Here is my episode summary for End Game at the X-Files Lexicon. I also completed an episode summary for Sleepless (to be posted soon) that corresponds to my on-going Examiner article series: The Glass Bringers of Midnight
Red Skull Radio
Also if you know anyone who was affected by the Cosplay "Crackdown" on fb please tell them to message me. Many artist lost their work or records of it and convention photos without warning so I'm trying to help these people. Thank you.
Frank Zero's video game previews and reviews on the way, and much more