Parts of a Broken Mirror

Monday, February 6, 2012


I have been talking more and more to people my age ( 20smthngs ) about how our society devolved over night into an emotionless void, and I watch their faces turn chalk white in resentment, at beginning to listen to me. I feel that, if we would identify
CGI Sports events of IMAX proportions,
individuals hooked to machines,
people with machines in their ears,
talking to themselves ( bluetooth ) ,
Ad Pop ups on all the screens, and screens everywhere,
Ads that beam directly into the skull,
meaningless pop stars that promote NWO-esque agendas, etc...
WITH the end of the world, then why don't people resist these traps.
Since we identified all these aspects as part of a drastic post apocalyptic world with no sun in films, all you have to do is adjust the set ( maybe leave the Sun there ) and no one will notice they are repeating a script. But, for once, my point is not one, so much about mind control ( or "predictive programming" ) as it is, about humanity.

What is it about real human interactions, that scares the public so much?

Love, Light, and Information all go out the back door when replaced with distraction, temptation, ego gratification power practices...

Is this the world of the Grays, or Techno Archons?

Instead of around the corner...Is it already here?

Instead of looking at everyone else like misunderstood Duane Berrys, when adding up all the victims,experiencers,contactees,abductees, and Elusive Companion interactions, etc... Aren't we all, instead, John Murdoch's waking slowly, but in terms of history, at once ? And seeing the blood, and knowing we were more than just sleeping...?