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Monday, January 30, 2012

Michael Reaves and the Looking Glass

Spider Man Unlimited-

In the first episode, NASA scientist explain there is a counter earth on the other side of the Sun. They use circular stargates to teleport a shuttle to Counter Earth, very similar to the technology proposed in Michio Kaku's stargate talks in 2011. Before the first episode is allowed to end, we meet the black oily versions of both Venom and Carnage, as well as the characters of Counter Earth and their religious devotion to the High Evolutionary. Spider Man also gets really psyched over his nano armor, adding to the transhumanism porn feel of many of the cartoons of the 90s. The episode concludes with Spidey about to be sawed open by a bunch of genetic experiments that refer to themselves as Beastials and make it sound cool like bestiality and furries in one warrior class.

The high evolutionary explains in episode two that he was looking for a Utopia, so he built a society out of his genetic experiments. He considers his technology and creations the ultimate achievement. Spidey is saved by some rebels. The high evolutionary is referred to as the Wizard of Oz.

"I thought I came through a space warp to get here... feels more like a looking glass "
Well that's a pretty direct reference to Project Looking Glass and Timeline 2.

Carnage and Venom become obsessed with the synaptic, which in Kirby's world would be the Eternals Uni Mind or perhaps what the borg would defeat us internet...

" Your probably the only untagged human in the city,...Every human is tagged with a subdural chip. " What a strange RFID tangent. I don't remember Spidey in the funny books having such a Star Trek sense.

Recently I have put some theories on the Secret Sun together.
Spidey=World Wide Web=Web is a trap, not a network of opportunities.
Gray aliens are only technologically advanced, big beaming eyes like Spidey
Internet=Web= Trap=Spawned by techno archons ( Borg, Dalek, etc... )

Todd Mcfarlane=Black Oil ( Venom Suit, creeps aboard space shuttle )
Deal with the Devil=Spawn
Black Oil=The Psychology of an Alien New World Order, 9/11 = Spidey resonator

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