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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Creating Culture; Part 1

In the Secret Sun I have been given a wonderful opportunity to discuss my favorite topics and pursuits with some of my real life heroes. The people who created my childhood culture ( the toys, the games, the books, and the TV shows and movies ) reside in the very group I do my research in, the only group I can spend my whole morning coffee learning and debating in as well. Since I have studied so much of these worlds, the ones they created; I have felt for some time that it may be my time,... to create a new culture. As much as I wanna dream and draw infinite worlds, I find myself resentful of my place in " real " life, and thinking in more of a buisness sense than I ever have before, while on the other hand trying to escape entirely to realms of music and comic books, to try to tell their story more genuinely;from the source.

I just finished recording vocals for the first album. This was no easy task. I am happy to learn the technical in and outs of recording though, and know what to be ready for next time. Thanks to Dan and Brook for their unending patience. Our website has an awesome new tabla intro, thanks to drummer Jordan Breeden.
Autotomii Official

A Huge endless thank you to my two artist, everything you do is amazing, and thanks to you everything is coming along nicely! Looking at about two issues, stickers, shirts, and posters along with the music. All of these will be released officially at New Orleans Comic Con on Jan 28th. Come visit us if you are around. New images should be up by tom on the site.

To keep up with cartoons, shows, and movies that resonate with the Secret Sun check the Secret Moon...
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