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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tony Jay and Susan Oliver: Cosmic Tight Casting Part Twos ( just roll with it )

Comic coming along nicely but recording may be the end of me. Wake up and back at it tomrw. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and patience.

Now to review a bit. We saw where Susan Oliver was used as a gimmick to lure the first Star Trek captain into a human zoo like trap, only to be observed by what, researcher Mike Clelland has clarified as " Watchers " or Telosians.

Susan Oliver also plays a similar role in The Twilight Zone episode " People are Alike All Over " where she is used as a distraction in the same way, this time the young, Mars bound,astronaut is given a modern home with all the furnishings of a cozy living space only to find that when he removes the blinds from the windows he is nothing more than a spectacle for prying eyes. When he rips away the wall the viewer is left with a very 23, Dark City, Truman Show feel.

Next we move to the Twilight Zone episode Keeper of the Purple Twilight, where just like in the Outer Limits pilot the plot begins with an argument about funding for experimental science. A call which is always heard by some trans dimensional big headed know it all, and the weirdness is sure to follow.

The alien winds up having a logic obsessed Vulcan type mentality while still being rather fascist and preachy about a technocratic slave/hive society. Just like the Outer Limits pilot, the focus is on "electromagnetic energy". He bashes individualism and so on. Later on the lead character's wife explains why being a gray or part of a collective robot mind sucks and he understands, and beings to want to be more human. Of course this leads to his big headed buddies wanting to destroy him...

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