Parts of a Broken Mirror

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Magick Syncomics

In attempting, for the second time to channel Jack Kirby and Gene Roddenberry, some unexpected things took place I wasn't really planning on. Some good, some bad, but as always ( what is most interesting ) mystifying! Mercury seems to be bringing out people's demons...As a result of one of my close friends killing themselves last week I have set out to get even more done in her place, she was one of the artistic powerhouses in my personal life and a real star of a human being. We will miss you homey.

First I was trying to meditate and clear my mind, and I had the usual expected barrage of distracting thoughts, and after awhile I began to regain control of my breath. I was trying specifically, to just clear my mind ( aura cleansing, creative visualization type activities, etc... ) then I wound up sort of astrally floating around the military base I spent a few years being raised in when I was a kid. My unconsciousness was obviously trying to bring up something, and I began to let it wander there visually to figure out what was going on. Immediately I was hit with a sort of demonic/demiurge film that in seconds explained that each memory is directly a method of self destruction. That if I wandered any further, I would destroy myself over and over with each successful retrieval of memory.

Really vivid aggressive dark stuff...not really what I'm used to from my own mind...I eventually became rather frightened and sort of astrally ejected from that place. ( Now I know why people are sensitive to talk about " programming ", that scared the shit out of me! )

Out of nowhere I try to get back in contact with Jack and Gene. I find myself depending on them spiritually like you would during a psychedelic trip or traumatic experience, repeating there names like a mantra. Immediately Jack appears...He reaches out and embraces me like family. I'm thrown off again, I never think of thought forms as interactive, I would never think of reaching out, and I didn't think they could touch me. All in all, it saved me, I felt immediate light and comfort. I felt psychic, emotional and artistic support and then I looked over and saw Gene, they were standing like they usually are but Gene was being weird...he seemed holographic...and he was blipping out for some reason. I asked Jack what was up, still a little shaken from the above experience...He usually doesn't like talking, that's his thing, he just likes drawing ( channeling art to us ) not so much discussion. I don't quite remember what happened here, yet there was a conscious choice to get downloads of data for my comic while I slept and from the King?!
Of course I agreed!

I layed in a sleep like trance half awake and speeding through concepts and imagery for hours. Jack explained to me that it's okay that my character is like Thor, because he feels his Thor is no longer represented by Marvel in the right way...He showed me these frames of my comic and how to draw them. When I woke up I looked up completely random art of his and found a bunch of the frames in old comics he had done, that I had never seen...They were ancient versions of what he sent me modern frames for...I was blown away...

The last line that I had written for the comic was that Leandar gets told to put his hands on his head by the police ( Hexaguard ) A day later I got called into work because the artist on that book went through the same experience and was arrested a day after I wrote that in the comic!!!

Meanwhile since I had to take his shift at work I walked by a giant Kubrick inspired Egyptian stargate, that had statues of Thoth, and serpents, etc in an eeriely lit room in the French Quarter with 2001 furniture and all. Also on my way to work I saw magickal confirmations I was on the right path including Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Papa Midnight...I know New Orleans gets pegged as a haunted occult based city, but its mostly to sell tickets to tours and busses, this was mind blowing!

So we were both attacked by the Archons around the same time...If you wanna put it that way...

"Who has done this to my home?"- Leandar

" Sir put your hands on your head and turn around slowly, I dunno where you got that sword, but I need you to drop it and get down on the ground "- Hexaguard

" I needn't lower myself to the earth for you, I am the earth... I am a GOD! " - Leandar

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