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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Big One : ViolatoR's Mystery Cubes

The Cube, and early teleplay by The Muppets creator Jim Henson, features a man trapped inside a cube of unknown purpose. The man does not know how he got there, why is he there, or how he can escape.

That’s about as concise of an explanation for the human condition as you can get.

And interesting aside could be made about the man as an actor who is being manipulated by director and puppeteer Jim Henson.

The cube and the square (both the shape and the masonic tool) are symbols of the material part of the universe. The shape is indicative of higher dimensions.

For instance, a two-dimensional hexagon can reveal a three-dimensional cube turned so that we are looking down the apex of one corner of the cube to the opposite corner. The shape is symbolically seen as 6-around-1 with a seventh point in the center and a hidden eighth point behind that. It is the center of a sacred geometry framework known as Metatron’s Cube.

The hidden cube at the center also indicates one more dimension in the idea of a fourth-dimensional tesseract. A black square, or cube, is the symbol for the planet and god Saturn, chief of the 7 “wandering stars” and ruler of this world. The planet saturn actually has a hexagonal shaped storm on its north pole. Saturn is associated with time, and thus death and decay, the color black and the element lead; the most dense and profane of the alchemical elements.

A eight-sided octahedron fits inside a cube with each vertex touching a face of the cube. Octagrams can be drawn as two overlapping squares, but in this case only one square represents earth and the material while the other represents heaven and the spiritual. A cube has 6 sides, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. The sum of these numbers is 26, the numeric value of the four-letter name of god in Hebrew: YHWH. Also known as the tetragrammaton, the four letters in modern Hebrew are sometimes written vertically to represent a man with a head, arms, the trunk, and the legs.

Unfolded, the cube can become a cross; notoriously the symbol of the crucifixion of the Christian messiah Jesus. Upon his death, Jesus sent his spirit back to it's source with these words: "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!" (Luke 23:46) Already symbolically tied to higher dimensions through Metatron’s Cube, cuboid objects are often used in popular culture as a means of supernatural transportation; whether it be between dimensions or just through space. See, for example, the cuboid phone booths in the television series Dr. Who and in the movie Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure. Keanu Reeves can be seen on the movie poster for Excellent Adventure atop the phone booth with his legs outlining the word “one” out of the word ”phone.”

He would go on to play “the One,” the messiah figure of The Matrix franchise. Keanu also travels to hell and back in the movie Constantine.

The physical world is the opposite of the spiritual world in classic duality. In various cosmologies the heavens and earth are separated by some act of creation. Creative deities are known as demiurges, such as the god Yahweh/YHWH. In a Gnostic sense, this is not the highest expression of god, but only a lesser and less perfect god responsible for the material plane of existence. Hollywood has any number of movies and television shows which hint at a Gnostic viewpoint of our world. As god created man, man’s creations are one more layer lower in the spiritual hierarchy, and are usually symbolized by an imperfect and insane artificial intelligence and as robotic humanoids (an analogy of Yahweh as creator of Man). The A.I. of the movie I, Robot is a typical example. Supercomputer V.I.K.I. uses her creation, the latest in robotic technology, to attempt a global takeover. She presents herself as a projection of a face inside of a cube. The best example is probably the movie 9, where an imperfect artificial intelligence creates equally imperfect robots which turn on their masters and absolutely destroy the world, killing all humans in the process. The creator of the insane A.I. is known as “the source,” by his more perfect creations, nine dolls who each contain an equal part of the source’s soul. Here we have the Gnostic idea of a source of the duality, as well as an imperfect creation/creator, and the more perfect creation which contains part of the source in much the same way Jesus or any human does. The difference being that the source is realized in Jesus and not in general humanity at large.

The robots of I, Robot are all linked by a shared consciousness controlled by the supercomputer V.I.K.I. via an up-link which must be disabled in order to stop the robot menace. In the televsion and movie franchise Star Trek, there is a enemy race known as The Borg. They assimilate all beings they encounter and add their consciousness to the collective mind of The Borg. They also fly through space in a giant cube. In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, cuboid “monoliths” originate from some unknown source in the universe to aid in the creation and evolution of life. The monolith acts as a stargate when astronaut Dave Bowman enters it and is evolved into a new type of consciousness.

In The Matrix, all humans are born into a shared consciousness known as the matrix which is controlled by the artificial intelligence that the humans had created in the past. Some humans do live outside of the matrix program in a place known as Zion which is located somewhere deep in the earth near the core. It is symbolically Hell: the material world humans exist in while they are not part of the source. The Cube movie trilogy features a cube of unknown origin and purpose which is being used as some sort of test for the people trapped inside of it.

The company which maintains the cube is called IZON, an anagram of Zion of The Matrix. The saviour figure of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves as Neo, must realize his full potential and free himself, and by extension all humans, from the artificial prison.

The themes point to the cube as a symbol of the material world where a less-than-perfect creative deity has placed us, but from where we can escape if we realize the source within.

-by ViolatoR

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