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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Big One Part 2

Part 2 The Source: The Nine

In Egyptology and Star Wars:

" He ( Osiris ) assembled a host or company of nine gods, called the TETI, Djedi or Jedi or " the stable ones", with which he set fourth to conquer the Earth, not with weapons, but with music and poetry. His " power bread " fed his followers. " - William Henry[1] -Use the Force

ViolatoR explains "The Nine principles of god are the Egyptian Grand Ennead of Heliopolis. Nine also represents the 7 heavens and 2 earthly realms, or "two lands" of Egypt. The neteru (~gods) came from the pre-creation state of the universe, the watery chaos of Nun. Nun (male) and Naunet (female) are basically one in the same, and father and mother of Ra, most commonly depicted as a solar deity; tho Ra had around 75 different aspects. All neteru that took part in creation are aspects of Ra. And Horus is "...the offspring of the nine-times-unity of neteru." (- Leiden Paypyrus, stanza 50.)"

The Nine Muses:

"The Nine Muses, Or, Poems Written by Nine several Ladies Upon the death of the late Famous John Dryden, Esq. (London: Richard Basset, 1700) was an elegiac volume of poetry published pseudonymously. The contributors were English women writers, each of whom signed their poems with the names of Muses. The collection was edited by Delarivier Manley (who wrote as "Melpomene" and "Thalia") and includes pieces by Susanna Centlivre ("perhaps," according to Blain et al.), Sarah Fyge Egerton ("Erato", "Euterpe", and "Terpsichore"), Mary Pix ("Clio"), Catherine Trotter ("Calliope"), and Sarah Piers ("Urania"). The poet writing as "Polimnia" (Of Rhetorick) has not been identified; her initials are "Mrs. D. E."-wikipedia

Worldly Comparison: 9 ( the number )

"Nine is strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power. There are nine forms of the dragon, it is described in terms of nine attributes, and it has nine children It has 117 scales - 81 yang (masculine, heavenly) and 36 yin(feminine, earthly). All three numbers are multiples of 9 (9x13=117, 9x9=81, 9x4=36) ]as well adding up individually to 9 (1+1+7=9, 8+1=9, 3+6=9). / The number 9 is revered in Hinduism and considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, which originated from the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000BC. / Important Buddhist rituals usually involve nine monks ( as ) Nine justices sit on the United States Supreme Court. / Nine is a significant number in Norse Mythology. Odin hung himself on an ash tree for nine days to learn the runes.

"The Nine Worthies are nine historical, or semi-legendary figures who, in the Middle Ages,( who ) were believed to personify the ideals of chivalry / In Middle-earth, there are nine rings of power given to men, and consequently, nine ringwraiths."

K-9 is another term for dog. K-9 may equal Dog-God, Dogstar, the Sirius influence.
If we look at the character with relation to the Nine, Deep Space Nine, and Seven of Nine; we see that the Tarot card of the star, ,has an eight pointed star, which we link with Sirius. Then, seven other stars. What we rarely seem to hear about is the possibility of the woman being a star. ( "Every man and woman is a star" - Crowley ) If we view the woman as a star. She represents a 7 pouring the 9's ( Sirius ) influence into the world. 7 of 9 may represent the kind of electromagnetic Outer Limits god influence that is seen in the positive aspects of trans-humanism in gnostic cosmonaut history. Thanks to Chris Knowles for bringing the card and episode to my attention.

That knowing stare, that parental flare of affirmation is all Roddenberry needs to journey back into the place in his gut that drove the show. All he needs to stare down the demons that would pervert his vision in the name of sales. This is Jack Kirby having been worn out by the agents of the Archons; silencing, what for him, was natural vision, the very breath of his drawing style, engaging a new kind of vigilantism a new kind of ever so constructive anger, this is Thor leaping from the pages of his work to battle Nazis who would pervert his father's name, and snuff out his illuminating thunder flame. These men left us with legions of gods, Odysseus would shudder after being put through the alchemical spiritual test of Kirby's characters, and he would weep endlessly in the air of one Vulcan mind link.

the Nine in Media:

The Nine Unknown Men

"Nine Unknown Men: Many centuries have passed since the demise of Atlantis, but the knowledge of this great civilization has been passed down to descendants, who protected it heavily! Every member of the Union of the Nine must guard one of the nine sacred books containing scientific knowledge, discoveries and facts that are forbidden to humankind. The Union has been waiting patiently for the time when humanity will be ready for this information. When one of the nine dies, someone worthy must assume his place.Pass a set of quests to become the Keeper of one of the nine secret books! Traverse countries across Europe, Asia and North America." - the game

the book
"is a 1923 novel by Talbot Mundy.Originally serialised in Adventure magazine, [1] it concerns the "Nine Unknown Men", a fictional secret society founded by the Mauryan Emperor Asoka around 270 BC[citation needed] to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong hands. The nine unknown men were entrusted with guarding nine books of secret knowledge. In the novel the nine men are embodiment of good and face up against nine Kali worshippers, who sow confusion and masquerade as the true sages.

The nine books entrusted to the Nine Unknown contain information on

1. Propaganda and Psychological warfare,
2. Physiology, including secrets concerning the "touch of death",
3. Microbiology,
4. Alchemy,
5. Communication, including communication with extraterrestrials,
6. Gravity, and anti-gravity devices (Vimanas, the "ancient UFOs of India"),
7. Cosmology, including hyperspace and time-travel,
8. Light, and a technology capable of modifying the speed of light and

9. Sociology, including rules predicting the rise and fall of empires."-from wikipedia

Sorry Friends It's Time To get off the Ride... for Now : )

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