Parts of a Broken Mirror

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introduction to Tuning, and the Machine

There has been no conclusive evidence for some of the sub projects of Mk-Ultra. Yet we know the extensions of these programs were quite involved and yet we retain this innocent pop culture understanding; that at some point in the Army's tongue in cheek days, they had some of our boys running around the obstacle course on a couple of hits of acid. However there are thousands of civilian victims, who claim to be involved with specific experiments. Ranging from the military and psych wards, to being microwaved while sitting at home. As with the alien abduction phenomenon, that is plenty enough data to at least go forward with proper investigation, so as to put this case to rest or get a bigger answer.( As to if the two phenomenon are one and the same, are still beyond this investigator, however most personal research seems to point out clearly, that post WW2 abductions were the carrying on of nazi eugenics and mind control programs. As to if these are the same Annunaki eugenics programs of the ancient alien era is also beyond this researcher. ) This answer could then be handed to empirical science, the way they like things, easily digestible and fed at a sick snail's pace. One of the sub projects that's gained waaay more attention than it should have ( without due investigation first ) is Project Monarch. It may not do us any good anymore to giggle when we see butterflies in music videos or try to diagnose whats actually wrong with tragically broken characters like Paul Bonnaccio. So here, perhaps, we may begin to go case by case and cross compare the data. Another thing I would like to distinguish from our collective unconscious, is the subtle use of layers in predictive programming, How does the implantation of these ideas effect fantasy prone personalities, are these personalities in themselves, the result of trauma? Is multiple personality disorder the resentful left over shell of abuse? If we look slightly into popular media with these kind of theories in mind we are met with an onslaught of transhumanist stepford Barbies, a Jersey Shore look a like matrix, a damned broken cheap toy as our collective media. There's no where to draw a line... However there are those predominately emerging themes and unshakable agendas. The idea of programming and assimilation have never been far from the dreams of our fictional super villains such as the Borg, the Daleks, Decepticons, the Archons, perhaps more to the point Agent Smith, the Sentinals, the Clone Wars, one may already grasp the point. Yet it becomes more chilling when one sees this plot at the center of all the world's religions and politics. This agenda, etched in the blood of fanatical crusades, Mars driven armies, uniform genocide, and now clearly "fiction" is considered a " conspiracy " by the fearful, but rings all too familiar to those devoted to this kind of unearthing. Call me paranoid, call me amateur, call me naive. But I have always felt the world really, REALLY isn't what it seems. Maybe I'm another romantic fantasy prone personality holding on to big ideas in a dying world. I cannot shake the notion while watching living Wonder Years,Ferris Bueller and Happy Gilmore emulators walk the Blade Runner-media-saturated streets-Are we really, rather, actually in a world like John Murdoch and the Tru(e)man, Do we have to rip down the walls of reality, to understand, perhaps to heal, to recalibrate our connection with the earth, with each other? Are we not being honest with ourselves? You ever wake up bleeding from the third eye?

Logo photography, costume and design by Mary Atsirch model: Michel Lethe

Special Thanks to Christopher Knowles and all of the Gods of the Secret Sun, without whom, none of these big ideas would be possible.