Parts of a Broken Mirror

Sunday, April 8, 2012

just an update


For countless years the shaman has undergone ( mostly willingly ) various types of transformation within him- or her-self in order to bring back from the fragmented world of spirit ( the unconscious ) a more updated or accurate language, with which the shaman may then bestow upon the other members of the tribe. Though this technique may be used for physical remedies, prophecy, RV, or time travel, or simply to update the god's current agenda for a specific culture, I am going to attempt all three at once. Seeing as how I'm stuck in New Orleans, and the broken city will stop at nothing to destroy me, I will dive once again...deep into the unknown, to places for which, unlike Epcot, I have no handrails. My aim again is contact but this time I need help. I need to know that there's something helping me on the other side and not just toward my own self destruct. My back is against the wall and there's not much left to lose. Onward, for only a fool approaches death without knowing that he is to be reborn as his or her god self. This is what the shaman culture knew and this is why they avoided the daily annoyance of social programming and small talk , unless they needed to come down from the mountain and set things right or make sure the popular culture was being swayed according to plan. But who's plan, and am I sure I wanna be on the train or the tracks when they decide it's doomsday? I am beginning to understand the world for what it is and not what we have been groomed to think it is. Charles Fort wasn't stretching any truth or reality in saying this place is a farm. We were just the live stock, but we just worked so hard, we just needed that promotion, We will farm our own and men became kings and gods became slaves and aliens just stayed in the shadows. In the Dark parts of this world wide City continuing their experiment, fine tuning the Saturn machine programming to fit our illustrious and illusory desires...just enough to squeeze the human out of us. Just enough to pervert the heart to the cold constaints of the logical mind and other mammilion distractions, and even more over -night addictions and collective consciousness viruses. Demons and the Demiurge. My armchair psychoanalyses will never be enough to play this game of astral chess, and from my castle constructed in the waves of moonlight and illusion I call forth a greater magick to reinforce our morale and informational infrastructure to be reborn anew in the light of the Sun.

Some updates

The team has begun working on Gnosis issue # 2

please check out my Examiner articles if you get a second

The store has been updated with X-Files books and tons of alien movies, please send me any request you may have.

The Secret Moon group is goin strong with many new members

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