Parts of a Broken Mirror

Sunday, November 4, 2012

As the Sun sets, a Secret to some, a Source for others; its heroes are left both a little more lonely and yet more empowered. Most travelers who happened upon and set up shop in the Sun, did so with heartfelt conviction and a life full of purpose. Not to some material nonsense, but some unattainable essence that touches us when the other side bleeds over, where we come together and share the warmth of the same paranormal fire. Gathered there in safety, we have to understand the cyclic nature of this game… how the storyteller must evolve and save himself to bring us further tales and excitement, how the shaman bearing the weight and vision of the tribe must give pause to rest and hopefully to weep for those have unlearned feelings…you know, there are those sensaunauts, not far from the beings in Beyond the Black Rainbow that seek only the material pleasure, and to suck the literal life force from this planet. The others. The enemy. The us, which only a select few of us are wise enough to crucify in the night and in silence for the weight of the tribe’s woes. We are still the innocent girl running from the industry of pathology, and we have such magnificent untapped power!

Is there any hope? Do we feel like things are going to turn out alright? I don’t know…I certainly do.

We, who hold such brave intentions, as to wade in darkness to bring back relics of meaning back up to the surface world. We are those first explorers, digging and encouraging study of the unknown. We are no longer plagued by Bible belt psychotronic fundamentalism, we are no longer chained to defense contract budgeting figures and the visual aftermath of nuclear Armageddon. We have no need to grip weapons waiting for the Commies to take over our neighborhoods. Cause with all the real threats in the world, what controls us, really, is the story.
Let’s change the story. New York is working with urban planning organizations to allow rooftop farming and vegetation. People are coming up with their own alternative energy systems left and right. Even some major corporations are pitching in and trying to adjust their methods. The major world powers don’t want war, they just feel it’s the only way to keep their brittle control over all those people…That fear doesn’t have to amplify into our consciousness. We don’t have to escape, we can change things here. Don’t sign up to kill people unless your protecting your country, don’t ever dare to skip the research, and assume your country didn’t strike first.

My grandfather is a WW2 Historian, the most honorable and patient individual I've ever known, and served as an outstanding example to those in his community, his country, his family, and really, truly to the world. I do not exaggerate here, I'm sure your familiar with those men who took hold of the country in the 50s, respected the extremes of the Depression and genuinely just functioned by helping people out. I was always too young perhaps, to appreciate the magnitude of importance of his role as historian, standing in the KandB parking lot watching him converse with mumbling men proudly sporting a baseball cap with whatever bomber or battleship unit they had served with. I know that the D-Day museum here in New Orleans will never be able to give back or exhibit the vast resources my grandfather provided while volunteering there from before it was even built, until he was giving daily tours to schoolchildren and foreign veterans alike.

As my grandfather’s (who raised me) cancer took a turn for the worst in the last weeks* and Christopher Knowles steps down from the Secret Sun blog*, I have meditated on this time long enough to understand that certain, most important heroes were receding in my world. This can only mean it’s time for a new bunch of heroes to take the world stage and change things for the better. I can feel the pulse of inspiration moving through Raj’s videos, David’s latest blogs, Ted’s interviews, and all of the work emanating from the Sun.

*Pops is doing better and back to examining his photo albums of times past. He can still spot a F-15 from a Harrier ten yards out without the glasses. Soldier.

*Christopher Knowles is working on multiple book projects and continuing the Radio Mystery Hour, I don’t want to make it seem like he’s retiring or anything ;)

If I made you an admin in the Secret Moon facebook page (not group) that is for you to advertise your work. Please do.

Peter Basel has been abducted into Psycube for multiple reasons and will be joining us on future projects.

I will be working closely with Matt Allair over at the X-Files Lexicon and related sites. I’ll keep you posted.

Shout out to Cassie Hunter who is taking the role of Aesthar…like a boss!


  1. nice one trent. those old guys, ... real men, no doubt. i think pop might be waiting to make sure his boy is gonna unleash his own inner hero; and we are all keen to see one of the good guys come into his own.

  2. Good stuff, man. Thanks for flying the colours of creativity.

  3. Loved it! Sorry it took me so long to read. The pulse of inspiration is what I also feel...big time. Thanks so much for this.

  4. Peter Basel is one hell of a rigorous thinker. Excellent choice! All the best!