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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keys to Mutation

Mutation ( super human evolution in this case ) may be triggered by a sporadic but strong burst of emotion, often "forced" by traumatic events.

Project Talent-esque Test seem to be based around reaction to trauma and the amount of dissacoiation possible in an individual ( we may suppose for implanting altars, in this case of an occult or super human nature )

Emotion itself may be the key to mutation. If there are three energy fields to the human body, the emotional one may be able to cause change in reality at will.

Magneto- In the film X-Men First Class, we see Magneto being traumatized by first the suggestion, then the murder of his mother before his eyes. In a Project Talent esque way this seems like trauma forced on the young Magneto to test the extent to which his emotions can effect his powers. Duncan F explains that the occult persona is another altar. Could this be like Wolverine being given false memories of traumatic events during Weapon X ? Is this why the mutation hits often at puberty, with the onset of extreme emotional reactivity?

( Note: Magneto is traumatized/mutated by Sebastion Shaw. ( SS for short ) who is a black magician who manipulates the powers in the military industrial complex to further his centuries old agenda. He is also responsible for the ideas behind the sentinals. )

( Note the beginning of the film nautiously confuses the swastika and X symbol on Bacon's quarter, suggesting super human mutation and SS projects are closely tied. It sure made me uncomfortable )

John Murdoch in Dark City is not able to actually change the Saturn Machine until he gets angry enough. Then with the use of his third eye and lots of rage ( common in the birth of heroes ) he manipulates reality to fit his dreams.

Notes on Duncan :

was in North Vietnam twice
1. When he was 12 in 1972, in Cambodia. Seal and Recon team called for reinforcements. Recon and Seal told him a black helicopter appeared twelve kids exit the chopper. The kids got off the chopper and formed a semi circle. Boys and girls. They were all around between 9-12, they held their hands lifted their arms and killled all the opposing troops. He says he was the lead battery and one of the other kids aimed the beam. One of the other kids is not willing to come foreward with that information. Seems like some kind of solar plexus projection. The lady in the hard ware store later appears in a lab coat, Duncan is in some house. In a hallway with green and white tiles, " Im doing something that all of us, share this trait...we squat."

He is put through psychic trials to lift a bucket and the lady watches him with a clipboard, and dissaproves of Duncan's inability.

The second time he was in Vietnam. He got about ten feet off the ground in a Huey and then got shot down. The Navy Seal Captain saves him. The Captain's whole family was in CIA. He was a sniper and a Sealboat Captain. Five or Seven tours amazing kill record. ( this matches a scene in the game Black Ops )

He experieinces Programmmed Headaches, like abductees.

He remembers certain things about Mars,

"Very tall thin large creatures that look Egyptian. In a state of stasis."
" Don't go there, that we are waking something up "

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