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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meeting An Alien
Part 1

I was told by a friend, whom I am not very close to ( more of a friend of a friend ) that she knew someone in the area who claimed to be an alien. Of course I expressed interest, but simply asked her to ask this individual where he was from ( planet, star system, etc.. ) and what kind of species he was. Sudden;y one day she announces " there he is, the guy that is an alien " After studying him from a distance for some time I went over shook hands and tried to at least clarify that he wasn't from around here. He was friendly but knew right where I was going with it. He most certainly was not pleased that she had shared that information with me, and seemed to have meant it for her alone. Seeing as how these two people have known each other for some time, I intuitively gathered his influence was meant only for her, and not in a weird way, I could feel this.
I promptly explained my vast interest in these topics and how long I have been engaged in this kind of research. I added that the disclosure of any of this information was up to him, and tried to explain that, even though we had met moments before, he could trust me...

" You could learn a lot from many tribes, but your gonna have to be more subtle than your being here "

He said he came from where Ares and Taurus collectively point. He drew a star chart with some symbols and said " this may mean something to you someday "

He said the Iggig ( Watchers ) and the Anu ( Annunaki ) are two of three species that have interacted with humanity before. None of the species are evil. However all intelligent species are humanoid in form.

"In Ancient Sumero-Babylonian god of the firmament, the 'great above', and the son of the first pair of gods, Ansar and Kisar, descendant of Apsu and Tiamat. He is referred to as "the Father" and "King of the Gods", which signifies his importance in the Mesopotamian pantheon. Not only is he the father of the gods, but also of a great number of demons, whom he sends to humans. In the Sumerian cosmology there was, first of all, the primeval sea, from which was born the cosmic mountain consisting of heaven, 'An', and earth, 'Ki'. They were separated by Enlil, then Anu carried off the heavens, and Enlil the earth. Anu later retreated more and more into the background. He retires to the upper heavens and leaves the affairs of the universe to Marduk and a younger generation of gods.
His consort was Antu (Anatum), a goddess of creation, but she was later replaced by Ishtar. Temples dedicated to Anu could be found in Uruk and Assur."
-Micha F. Lindemans

" They look just like us. "

He emphasized how much control we have over our emotions and how much that makes us " perfect " physiologically.
" Physics has a place for everyone, but you are perfect. "
He expressed a strong concern for wanting to be like us. He said that's why his species is here. "We are here to ...( cross breed/ integrate/ assimilate the mastery of emotions )
" Theres no going back "

He explains they were a fallen civilization because of their inability to control their emotions.

He said abductions are part of a " deception " plan. He also said our evolution got stuck or held back. Also that without religous context and hang ups, we could co exist with the planet and other species.

Note : So far I am assuming he is from Ursa Minor ( Wagon ) or Orion

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