Parts of a Broken Mirror

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Colossus

PROJECT 0 99917

( censored for reasons of Project Security ) Themes in the game include mind control, mental driving, Kennedy, Cuba, and the Cold War, basically an interesting mix of real world black operations history.( CLASSIFIED ) I originally wrote " to mirror Mk-Ultra experiments while playing the game may bring about some helpful memories " although now in retrospect I am not so positive about the approach since, it led to a kind of complete mental breakdown which led to days of actual sickness...

Day 1 the substances have formed new and interesting habits in my physiology, like a sudden need for Apple Jacks. In-game performance however is unaffected. As I have found many super soldier and mind control themes in cartoons, I wanted to delve into the game with the same investigative mind set. Before I even begin I would like to note that your " CIA Handler " in the game has the same name as the man, who takes in Wolverine when he is feral after Weapon X...a Jason Hudson. Wolverine also works for the CIA prior to the events of Weapon X.

The game begins with your character Alex Mason being strapped to a chair. Out the corner of the screen one can note nine TV screens. They play random footage of Kennedy, Russia, China, Castro, repeat, until they all align to an image of one giant eye across all nine TVs. Horny youtubers may want to consider this with all the eyes on pyramids on other TVs in the game as proof of something...

The Call of Duty wiki informs us about the first level
" Mason is asked questions by an unknown interrogator about a numbers broadcast which is being used to contact Soviet sleeper cells in the United States. "

Interrogator: " How can you be sure you really know what happened ? "

" Focus Mason...try to remember "

" Why did you do it Mason, why ? "

" The numbers Mason what do they mean ? "

" You know why your here "

Blueish bright light coming from above...

" You can stop all this now "

" Why did you trust him "

" We're running out of time "

" It's up to you Mason, it's all up to you "

" You killed him Mason. You did it.
No one else. Just you. "

On the right below the TVs, is a smoking cigarette in an ashtray and surgery tools.There are five and six digit codes on many small instruments and machines.

The lights start beating with Mason's heartbeat. There is a whispering voice repeating " I am " without stop and a woman and a man can be heard discussing something but it is not entirely audible.

" Who are you ? " - Mason

" That's not important, what is, is who you are. The numbers Mason what do they mean?
Where are the transmissions coming from ?

Meanwhile electroshock is administered which causes Mason to see strings of seemingly random digits, like the ones found in the room. He also begins receiving memory of the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion related to a Project 40.

David Ferrie of course trained pilots for that CIA sponsored fiasco, in Guatamala, but not before supplying Castro with weapons to war against Batista.After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy promptly began clearing house in the intelligence community.

" You will break American "

It is made apparent that Mason was a "gift" to the Russian Castro alliance. On April 19th 1961 two American CIA agents were taken hostage but executed. ( Angus K McNair and Howard F Anderson )

Oct 6, 1963

Reznov fights Mason to distract the guards in a labor camp in Vorkuda, U.S.S.R.

Here it is relayed for the first time in an unrelated context, some of the steps of Mason's programming. These steps are also repeated during the almost assassination of the President. ( Kennedy's debriefing on Castro )

" Secure the keys "
" Ascend from Darkness "
" Reign Fire "
" Unleash the Horde "
" Scold the Wicked beast "
" Wield the Fist of Iron "
" Raise Hell "

Mason in Vorkuda- " I was on my own ...almost a year. They used tear gas. It never left me.

Then the interrogator explains that he was handed over to Jason Hudson.

" Jason Hudson was my new handler "

As Mason is walked through a memory of the the Pentagon, an attractive blonde stares him down.

" We were watching you the whole time "

" You were getting close to your objective "

" This inner sanctum was built in 1943, we rarely use it. Jack Ruby and Oswald flash on two of the eight TVs in the background.

" I can't get these fucking numbers out of my head "

Operation 40 August 12, 1969

The documents ( 3 pages ) inside the game under intel show us that the objective of operation 40 was to " bring about the replacement of the Castro regime with a regime more devoted to the true interests of the Cuban people. This is very similar to the debriefing Eisenhower and Kennedy were actually given on the Bay of Pigs before it went entirely sour.

This file also inform us that mason was born Sept 6, 1960

A file on Vorkuda reveals about Reznov
" his fate was irrevocably changed following a post war mission to the Artic Circle" ( details of the mission are unclear )
" Gulag system, where he endured years of harsh punishment and attempted " reprogramming "

The Rebirth Document is very interesting as well, showing placesin the US with military facilities, charred bodily remains, and what appears to be an alien skull. This document is also marked CIA.

The Revelations document refers to Mason as a preverbial " Manchurian Canidate "


" The Project was a U.S. government operation developed to take volunteers and transform them into killers by programming their minds through visual and drug induced suggestion. Typhoid Mary and a man named Roberts are two of the known volunteers. The Project was created by a man named Trevor who has since been killed by Wolverine " -Wolverine Encyclopedia Volume 2

Weapon X
There seem to be some unignorable similarities between the accounts of "real super soldiers " and those in a particular region of the Marvel Comics Universe.

When data came forward about Canadian Doctor Ewan Cameron furthering the work of Mengele's, it became hard to not see a tie to the fictional Weapon X Program. The Weapon X Program was headed by a mysterious " Professor " who has quite an uncanny resemblance to Cameron. The other two individuals involved were Doctor Abraham Cornelius and NASA employee Carol Hines. As if that weren't enough, with all the the replacing and creating memories and traumatic splits in the mind and what not; The symptoms and experiences of Wolverine and other test subjects in that program read exactly like Duncan Finaon's interviews. or Fritz Springmeir's Books. Who was reading whom in the 90s ? and how did they know about the Canadian experiments? The story gets stranger when we see that Gijoe creator Larry Hama wrote many of the Weapon X issues in the 90s...

" Under the name Logan, Wolverine had already been working for the CIA alongside fellow agents like Victor Creed, the future Sabertooth. The CIA established Project X in order to convert men into "supersoldiers" with unusual abilities. The project facilities were set up in Windsor, Canada, through a secret agreement with the Canadian government. "
-X-Men: The Ultimate Guide

Season 3 Episode 19 Weapon X, Lies and Videotape

Wolverine travels back to Canada to investigate his past. This is similar to the factual tale of Doctor Ewan Cameron and his furthering of Mengele's mind control sciences in Canada. In this episode the Canadian Professor seems to list the steps of his work as if they are simply chapters in a Fritz Springmeier book. The professor would later have his hand cut off by Wolverine who would track him down and find him hiding in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Pest Control Division. He was killed by Silver Fox in Ontario years after.

So Wolverine has dreams about Sabertooth demasculating him by threatening his woman ( Silver Fox ),

" after all we've been through "

This seems to be a reference to what Monarch researchers would consider bonding

Xavier tries to probe his mind and screams in agony
" Strange tortuous memories pouring out as if a damn had burst "

Then Wolverine has a super soldier freak out on his own friends.

" Hank, I found this, inside an envelope postmarked two weeks ago, there was no return address. I've seen this image in his mind, this must be a clue to his delusions. Perhaps it triggered him "

"Super Soldier" Duncan Finoan explains these same paranoid delusions and triggers that cause him to board himself up in his house with all the lights off and his guns out.

" You just went in a dream state again what did you see ? "
" Me Being trained to take people out " - Wolvie

" I assume you've been having headaches and nightmares, like Maverick and I, they did something to our minds when we worked here, something code named Project Talos "

" Take a closer look Logan, you remember these places don't you " Silver Fox

" Created Memories, but to what purpose ? " - Beast

Wolverine has memories contradicting the movie sets of his memories he is standing in.

Sabertooth falls to the ground weeping remembering his dad abusing him for being different.

" Why does somebody want us to remember this, like its all bad "

According to the literature on mind control. It has been found most effective to traumatize ( abuse ) a person physically at ages three and five, later these people would be bonded with other children and giving moments of life that seemed perfect/supportive

As Wolverine approaches Silver Fox lovingly, she wards him off

" The cabin, was that a lie too ? " - Wolverine

" Despite initial setbacks all subjects are responding to the trauma conditioning, we will be able to reintegrate them into society with no memory that we conditioned them. When they're covert services are needed they will attack their target and then remember nothing ,the key is to reach the subconscious mind, The subjects must be repeatedly exposed to a simulation of extreme emotional trauma. While using psychoactive chemicals, we flood the subjects mind with false memories. Overwhelming them, breaking them down making them controllable. Seems to work best when based on actual life events. " -Doctor

" Aldo Ferro was a crime lord...who once owned half the land /biz in Cuba. During the Weapon X experiment, Ferro used his telepathic powers to implant false memories in Wolverine and other victims. Ferro linked the false memories to the pain receptors of his victims not only because it was more effective, but because he enjoyed inflicting pain on others. " -Wolverine Encyclopedia Vol.2

They show the four subjects back to back as if to hint at twinning.

It is made obvious that this set is a movie studio with different rooms to fabricate different childhood memories...

Talos is responsible for their reprogramming, an evil borg looking archon type

"Talosians are humanoids who inhabit the planet Talos IV. Talosians have large crania and are telepathic. However, their advancements made them utterly unemotional, so they gathered a menagerie of more primitive species so they could observe emotional interaction. They were no longer capable of living on their planet's surface and needed to use other species to reproduce in sufficient numbers. The Talosians appear in the original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage", and capture Captain Pike. They reappear in "The Menagerie".

all that blabber from wikipedia just means that the Talosians were the Watchers and here we have a Watcher that is trying to reprogram Monarch/Military mind control victims...very odd

Sabertooth uses the creative visualization against the shape shifting watcher and pretends he is fighting his father.
Maverick shape shifts as well.

"Don't you get it Logan, it was all made up "

Weapon Plus
Captain America- 1st generation super soldier
Red Skull
Omega Red

WEAPON X Projects

Wolverine-10th generation super soldier, actual character created 1974
Silver Fox
Lady Deathstrike
Weapon XV

Department H - Alpha Flight
Note: Maverick, Sabertooth, and Wolvie were all in the C.I.A. in the 60s

Note: As if all that wasn't odd enough, the Shi'ar ( from what I understand at the time of writing this ) wanted to preserve Wolverine's genetics to produce clones in other dimensions.